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Discouraged...advice, please? :( - page 2

Hello. I am a new LPN in LTC. I am SO discouraged. I recieved 4 days of training. There were no hours open, so I actually didn't get to work on my own until several weeks after training. My night was... Read More

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    I'm LTC as well, and I couldn't imagine a 4 hour shift. I ALREADY hate an 8 hour shift, because I think that it crams too much in a short time. The 12 hour shifts, over the weekend, are much better... plus the weekenders are better nurses to work with (in this case, anyway).

    I don't even think I'd come in for a 4 hour shift, honestly. I'm glad we do not have them here.
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    You have gone from being a nursing assistant to being the nurse-the one that the na's come to if something is wrong. It takes awhile to get your head around the change in responsibility. As other posters said, once you get your routine down, you'll do fine. But as with anything else, repition is the key. You need to work MORE hours to reach your comfort zone and become more proficient, not LESS. My first job was in LTC-3 days orientation, then 50 patients. Utilize the resources around you-your nursing assistants can be your greatest resources. Since you were an aide there previously, you have a leg up on other new nurses. Hang in there...it's worth it.
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    Quote from pixie99
    The only nurses who got lunch breaks and didn't go fruitcakes were the ones who charted untruthfully and signed off meds and treatments that weren't done. They had just sunk into "survival mode." Long term care is the worst nightmare ever inflicted on the nursing profession. It's not you.
    I hope you are speaking for the nurses at YOUR facility and not ALL LTC nurses! Because I am able to get my med passes done (and on time), get ALL my treatments done AND chart truthfully...I developed a routine, learned my residents ways/quirks, and was able to come up with a plan that works. Everything that I sign off has been given, has been done, I do not pre-pour meds, I do not sign meds off until I have actually witnessed the patient take them.

    LTC is not everyone. It may not be your fit, but its a great fit for many of us. I personally LOVE my residents and for the most part enjoy my job in LTC. I can't say 100% of the time I'm just in love with my job, I have my bad days, at times things occur that thows me way behind, stress happens just like any position but for the most part..as I said I am where I want to be. And for what its worth, I am not "stuck" in LTC, I have been offered several positions outside of LTC, I just happen to enjoy working with the elderly.
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    Quote from pixie99
    I was an R.N. for 10 years and took a job in LTC when I moved to a new city and didn't have the "connections" to the hospitals yet. For 6 months I vomited on my way t work, cried on the way home and suffered panic attacks, unable to breathe during every shift there. Seriously I thought I would be a patient there myself before I was done. The only nurses who got lunch breaks and didn't go fruitcakes were the ones who charted untruthfully and signed off meds and treatments that weren't done. They had just sunk into "survival mode." Long term care is the worst nightmare ever inflicted on the nursing profession. It's not you.
    Whoa, I think we must have worked in the same LTC facility!! It was the worst job I ever had. I cried every night before I had to go to work.
    If I had had a coworker like the OP I think I could have survived there though. Hang in there. I am so glad to hear you really care about doing a good job. LTC aresidents need people like you. Also, when I reported some of our facility's infractions to the state, and they sent staff out to observe, the previously non-existent med pass turned into something like four hours (??!!) when one of the LPN's had to follow the rules for that day, and she passed the inspection. It burned me up and I quit shortly after that. Takeaway for you - it must be ok (as in not losing your new license!) to take long on the med pass if you are following the 5 rights etc.
    Hang in there. It will get better for you.
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    1st off shame on that Facility for giving a New Nurse 4 days of Orientation!!!!!!! Wow!!! This has alot to do with how you're feeling! Ask for more orientation don't jeopardize your license!!! 2nd you're NOT a failure!!! You made it!!!!! And like the others stated above you'll get into the swing of things, everything comes with time & patience a little Faith and of Course Prayer!!!! Good Luck with everything and I wish you the best. You'll get it, it just takes times.
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    I know how you feel. I just started in nursing too, and I recieved 3 days of shotty orientation (by the nurse leaving after I was trained!!) then put off on my own. I am only PRN, but worked 7 straight days. I was scared and almost didn't go. You will get it down. The 1st few days I didn't get all treaments done and my unit manager helped me. After the 4th day I got through it all. Last day new admit, a fall, and still got out only 30 minutes late. It gets easier, but never comfortable. I assume that is a good thing! Chin up. One thing I tried was doing the slower people 1st just in case a problem popped up. Lean on your Aide's for the tasks they can help with, and return the favor to them when you can. Great Aide's can make your day easier when mutual respect is shared!