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This poem has been passed around for decades, some nurses say they saw it back in the 70's. However, it's a great reminder especially with the new year near approaching. as the story goes...When an old man died in the... Read More

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    I've read this poem a few times and presented it in class once before as well. Very insightful. Absolutely love this poem.

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    Quote from kungpoopanda
    Yeah and how about cranky patients of any age take a look inside themselves and find a more joyful version of themselves, rather than just spreading the misery. We all have burdens to carry, but not all of us take it out on the world at large.
    ​I hear you. I have never been a fan of this poem/all of its variations.
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    I read this on Facebook and thought it was a fantastic piece. I think this should be posted in every hospital and nursing home (especially)!
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    Quote from cardiacfreak
    I love the cranky patients, I make it my mission to make them smile or chuckle.
    Agree. I think they need our attention the most. When I see cranky old men, I see someone who probably defended our country at one point in time and was proud to do so. I also see a glimpse of fear in their eyes and the loss of control that many never wanted to happen. What I learn from them is patience and I'm grateful for them regardless how cranky they are. Nothing they say or do can shock me.
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    I remember this a long time ago when I was a student nurse working as a CNA. I worked hard too, keeping my legally blind but brilliant mother alive and kicking until she was past 90. She was a BSN grad from University of Miami at Cincinnati in the 1940's and her specialty was Public Health. I rehabbed her thru a major stroke which she recovered 95%, and again after she fell and hit her head. She was at St. Joe's for 5 days touch and go, and finally came out of it and said to me " Get me the HECK (not her words) OUT OF HERE, and I'll do anything you want". Well, I was helped by staff to stuff her into my car and I had to do a fireman's carry to get into the house. After that we went to the gym 5 days a week for an hour. She was the sharpest, wittiest person and the best friend I ever had. Nurses Rock! I had to become one when we moved to Arizona just to compete with her. Thanks for listening to my story.
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    Quote from Squad51KMG365
    Thank you! A great reminder when I'm taking care of my elderly mom...
    Well, it's been 5+ months since I logged on and/or luck would have it, my 89-year-old mom passed away Saturday morning Dec 28, 2013...probably around the time I may have been posting this (I'm not sure what time zone this blog is in, I live in Central Time). Her sister, my aunt, died 3 months and 1 week later, shortly before Easter on April 6 at age 84.

    I have questions/issues re jobs and continuing education; I will post more in the appropriate sections.
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    I love this one, it ends up posted on our staff room noticeboard regularly.
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    I had the time to read the personal history of one our AL residents. He is a pretty cranky, and at times, nasty man....

    he was a POW at one time.....


    it helped me reframe my approach and response to his communication style.
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    That poem helps me remember that (among other things) no matter our age, or how our lives have gone, when it comes down to it, we are all somebody's baby.

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