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  1. Sending you healing thoughts and big hugs. The gift you gave this family is priceless - you gave this little one a chance and no matter the outcome you gave the family time.
  2. meds - confused

    Sounds like this was PRN medication. If you check EN scope it will say something along the lines of prn and variable dose may only be administered in consultation with and under supervision of/ or delegated by RN. Make sure you are clear on your scop...
  3. Lynda Van Devanter - A True Hero

    Great article and great book. I saw it referenced elsewhere on an and had to get a copy, finished it the other day. Thanks also to the person who mentioned Lynda's friend, also bothered me that she couldnt find her.
  4. Bravo LTC Nurses!

    Thank you :) "you couldn't pay me enough to take an LTC job!" you couldnt pay me enough to work anywhere else, it is crazy & frantic but I love it.
  5. Working in LTC

    The first year is always really hard and LTC/Nursing home is really hard - as you said the ratios and workload are insane, budget constraints and family expectations just add to the pressure, its not for everyone but the rewards and satisfaction can ...
  6. Have you made a mistake as s nurse?

    Im so sorry this happened to you. I cant offer any advice on your situation but just wanted to offer some support so sending a prayer and kind thoughts your way.
  7. I need advice

    being scared is a good thing - it shows you take the responsibility seriously. You can do it and it does get easier as you go along, there were times i did not think i would survive my first weeks, let alone months or a year - but i did and it gets ...