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Christmas gifts for residents

  1. 0 Our facility is doing a program where each staff picks a resident to buy a Christmas gift for. I LOVE this idea :heartbeat, but am at a loss as to what to give my resident . She is 90+, half blind and half deaf... Any ideas???
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    What about a warm shawl so she can wear it around her shoulders? Great gift for this time of the year.
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    The year I work on ltc we bought like nice fuzzy socks with slip grip, nice smelling lotions(vanilla, fruit pleasant easy scents) and body sprays. We would make sure to use the lotions on them and make sure they had on their warm socks at night.
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    Moisturizing lotion, bath products. Does she have a favorite food? We always used to give my grandpa food cause he loved to eat...maybe her favorite chocolates(if she can eat solid food of course..then the food idea is out the window). Maybe a pair of slippers or pajamas? I think it's a wonderful idea the staff is doing, very selfless and giving gifts without expecting anything in return.
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    Can you ask her what she would want if there was a Santa.

    One of my favorite LTC Christmas memories - we had a learning disabled elderly gentlemen. When asked what he wanted for Christmas he said he wanted a superman cape. Someone searched everywhere and found him one. He was as excited as any 4 year old on Christmas morning and wore that cape for months.
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    great ideas! Thanks
    I will ask her Monday. I'm looking forward to her answer

    I'm really happy our facility does this. Some residents don't have many/any family around, so its nice that they get SOMETHING.
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    How about some wireless head phones for tv? I looked at some that were less than 20 dollars.
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    I'm a sucker for my residents. (Most of them anyway)

    If they mention they want or miss something, chances are I'm picking it up on my lunchbreak if it's reasonable.

    I have just an unreasonable amount of LOLs that are not visited by family often, if at all, on my hall.

    One, a lovely Italian lady- wanted a "Nice Italian meal" for christmas. We found someone to make lasasgna, I'll make some garlic bread and and a glass of wine if I can swing it with administration.

    Another one is getting socks, another wants cherry earrings, another wants "A HUGE COFFEE! BIG! NO DECAF!" Two others are sick and tired of being cooped up, so I'm trying to arrange a field trip out to eat somewhere.

    Some can tell you what they want, some you just have to guess. Lotion, Flavored puddings, and little hair doo-dads are always my fallbacks. Dollar store is good for that- and Bath and Body works sometimes has sales on those little bottles of lotion. Pudding is just good because everyone can have it.
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    I was so confused until I read the age of your resident! I was reading the post trying to think of why in the world would I buy gifts for the residents (doctors) and wondering who came up with the idea to start gifting them! haha
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    Quote from nursenotamaid
    I was so confused until I read the age of your resident! I was reading the post trying to think of why in the world would I buy gifts for the residents (doctors) and wondering who came up with the idea to start gifting them! haha
    It sometimes helps to look at the specialty the post is posted in. Usually we call out patients residents in long term care.
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    We encourage bedspreads and fleece blankets in my ltc facility. Both can be individualized to make the resident's room more "homey" and individualized.
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    I thought of a few more ideas...Scented candles are always nice(not sure if they can be lit) but even if they can't they kind of personalize the room(I have a bunch of scented candles around the house and some have never been lit they just make the house more welcoming). Bath and body works or the body shop you can ALWAYS find something there. Picture frames are good(if the resident has pictures just hanging around). Also cute little framed signs with scenes or sayings(think a palm tree or a beach scene like I have in my room hung up "Life is uncertain, eat dessert first" because I LOVE to bake.
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    body wash, Soft comfy socks or slippers (with non skid grip of course), lotion, scarf of shawl, or If the resident doesn't have much clothes a nice comfy outfit or pjs