Chicago Trib - Nursing home sued after maggots found in pts ear. Chicago Trib - Nursing home sued after maggots found in pts ear. | allnurses

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Chicago Trib - Nursing home sued after maggots found in pts ear.

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    Maggots only eat bad tissue. It sounds gross but probably no harm was done. I've seen maggots in an infected lesion on an ear which was being properly treated. We called the doctor whose opinion was "Damn maggots probably made the infection better!"
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    I was also thinking there must have been something else going on with that pt. I had pt who had maggots coming out of his ear as the primary infection site was a parotiditis/glossitis. He came from home.

    It grossed me out, but the surgeon commented "maggots are nature's best debrider". And I have since seen reports where old remedies like maggots and leeches have been used as modern-day theraputic modalities.

    I also note in that article that the family had previously filed a grievance against the NH. Obviously, not a happy family who has an axe to grind. Hmmmm....
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    I've heard about maggots being used for burn victims, but come on people, they weren't being used for therapeutic reasons.
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    To OP - you're most likely right about this not being ordered as therepeutic maggot debridement. But the ear canal is an odd spot for such an infestation. And a pregnant fly would have had to fly in the ear and lay its eggs that hatch in 24 hours). And there would have to be bad tissue in the ear for the larvae to eat. There has to be something more to this story.
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    I remember reading that story and it really broke my heart. I felt horribly for the husband.