Changing Nursing for Hygienist

  1. I just wander how many of you have changed or thinking of changing Nursing Profession for a different Profession? I am an RN working in LTC . I have been thinking of going back to school and become a Hygienist. Thanks in advance.
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  3. by   emcadams
    I went back and forth between hygienist and nursing for a few years before focusing and finishing up prereqs for nursing. My thoughts were that as a hygienist, the job description is a lot less varied than for nursing. I feel like there is more potential for upward movement in nursing as well (bsn (management), or doctorate/advanced practice). Before I went back for hygiene, perhaps you could try a different area of nursing, like a hospital unit or home health or public health (immunization clinics are big this time of year gearing up for fall shots). Hygiene school is generally two years of just dental classes. You could try being a nurse in an office setting, like billing or something like that too.
  4. by   Scarlettz
    Before I graduated from my nursing program, I thought about dental hygiene and occupational therapy. However, I went with nursing because I thought there would be more areas in which I could go (as previous poster mentioned) and I thought more job opportunities since nurses are needed at all hours. Whereas most dental offices are opened during business hours.

    What makes you want a change? Do you think you might like another area of nursing instead? What attracts you to dental hygiene?

    Honestly, if you have the time and the money and the desire to try a different career then I don't find anything wrong with it. But, just make sure that it is something you really want to invest in.
  5. by   dirtyhippiegirl
    Definitely take a look at the job market in your area. The dental hygienist job market is just as saturated as the nursing market in many areas of the country.
  6. by   Nurse80sbaby
    Definitely thinking of leaving nursing after 8 years. I have done different areas and now LTC is by far the worst. I can see me losing my license under these horrible conditions. LTC sets you up to fail fron the beginning with 30 residents to medicate and treat, families coming to the cart while you are trying to prepare meds, phones ringing off the hook and cnas coming at you for everything under the sun. I cant take it and I have tried getting back into the hospitals but when they see you are in LTC its like you have C-diff, they wont touch you. I read it all over their faces because I had a recent interview and had not updated my resume in several years on their website. I didn't know that this hospital pulled the resume and not the updated application. When I interviewed and she thought I was still at a local hospital it was all good but when I explained what led up to me going into LTC , she lost all interest. I have 4 times the work load I ever had in a hospital setting in LTC. I would not recommend it for anyone. I am considering leaving nursing all together or staying PRN and going back to school for something like physical therapy.

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