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Well it's official...I am one of those new grads that just CANNOT get a job (or an interview for that matter). I graduated in May with an ADN, had a 3.7 GPA, worked for 4 years as a tech and never... Read More

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    patekgtech- unfortunately, you need at least a year of experience for travel, agency or home health care. ms_sgr- macon isn't an option for me right now but thank you for the suggestion.
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    Walton Co. and Athens Clarke Co are looking for nurses in the health department..the postings went up today. If you are an RN OR LPN you can also look at USAJOBS - The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site

    Another poster on here mentioned San Antonio...a family member of mine lives there and is always talking about how desperate Texas is for nurses, how well they pay and for me to relocate there (would like to but can't at this time) but for those of you who don't have to stay where you are..start looking outside of GA. This state is famous for low wages and difficult employment. Even for seasoned nurses.
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    Well, I finally got an interview! I'll be interviewing Thursday! I also have a nurse recruiter working on another position for me at a different facility. Things are looking slightly better
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    Good Luck!
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    I got the job!!!
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    That is great news! Congratulations!! What job field did you end up finding?
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    Hi there! I am currently struggling with finding a job as well. I graduated in May with BSN and am getting very concerned after reading all these blogs :/ I am wondering where you found this nurse recruiter since I am not having any luck? I appreciate any help..
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    Lot's of good ideas posted. When I moved to a new city with 24 plus years experience, it took me FOREVER to get a job and had a few frogs in the batch that I hated, before finally getting on nightshift at the hospital. I had excellant reccomendations and letters of recognition too. Don't count out Mollen out for the season. The training is free on-line after you send your personal info in. The pay is poor, but weekly. This is the first year they have added laptops for client registration, vaccine count etc., while it is difficult to get shifts, a lot of nurses sign up for as much as they can get and then drop them as they go if it's too much or conflicts with their life, plus there are a lot of old dogs like me who weren't raised using laptops who are struggling and I see shifts drop everyday. They also have call pool, where they just notify you of shifts dropped and it's your choice to accept or reject, no demands. While you may not get a lot of shifts in (totally depends on where you live and how far you will travel), it's still a paycheck and time towards your license (960 hrs in 5 yrs) and some experience...who knows, may lead you to an allergist's, health dept or pediatrician's office or someone who wants lots of injection experience. Lots of Dr's offices here use CMA's or PA's, pretty much only specialty docs that use an RN. Good luck, don't take it personal, we've all been thru it at one point or another in our careers. Old Dog
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    Gwinnett Medical just posted - yesterday or the day before - a Nurse Residency program - it specifically states new grads and it's also for nurses who have experience but wish to change specialties. May want to look into it. You can find the info. on their job board and apply if interested.
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    I was just hired at Floyd Medical Center!
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    Congrats fposey!
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    Grady is looking to hire people in the ER if you are interested
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    If anyone knows of any new grad positions in the atlanta area, please post it here!