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    I know this is a broad question, but I am curious if anyone can tell me approximatly what a RN in Georgia makes. I am moving form Oklahoma,and am just trying to get a ball park figure on what RN pay is?

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    I have heard $20 as a starting base pay. Unfortunately, when I try to find legitimate information (not the stuff from job websites), I can only find national statistics :\

    Here are national averages:
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    Starting pay is hard to quote in the State of GA. Pay grades are dependent on the usual things, years of experience, field of specially, education, the area of the state, and the type of job or facility you will be working with in Georgia. The average for a RN is roughly $20.00 hourly, maybe slightly higher in the Atlanta area, and could be lower in the rural areas of the state.
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    That is about right for labor and delivery in Augusta, GA and Atlanta. I currently work l&D in Augusta and my friend also. She interviewed in Atlanta last fall and pay was alot less than she and I expected comparing the cost of living in the two cities. Pay in Augusta al varies greatly between hospitals. $3-4 an hour diff.
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    Any updates on this? What about Atlanta Medical?
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    New grads start btw $20-$23
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    South GA base pay is around $21-24/hr
    Atlanta base pay is about $24-26/hr
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    I'm a new grad and I'm noticing that the pay is ranging from $20-$23. That's for hospitals a few mins S. Atlanta and within Atlanta.
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    Starting pay at two local hospitals in NW GA is around $20.50/hr for new grads with a shift differential. The closer you are to ATL, the more you should make. Coming from OK, you may want to stay on the outskirts and shoot for Macon or Kennesaw, and maybe even Athens....if you have a choice. It's a much better commute and life in general and the pay is about the same.
    If you have experience, perhaps you should go local agency first, and internal agencies pay the most. It has been a few years since I quizzed my friends, but HCA and Wellstar are the big ones, which offer up to $48/hr. PRN or Flex staff, per various facilities, offers $28 to $38 and no benefits. Staff at Grady is in the 30's. Most of our agency work for Ehealth and they have many hospitals.
    Welcome to GA and GL!!
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    Hourly rates depend on the location and the type of hiring institution (hospitals end up paying more compared with physician offices, especially with the option for acquiring over time). Traveling nursing agencies also tend to pay well.

    Example: Tampa General has a starting pay of $23 to $25 an hour depending on whether or not you have an ADN or BSN degree. Note, the cost of living is much higher in Tampa compared with Greenville, SC -- where their reported starting RN pay is $21/hr.

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