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    Just wondering who is applying to GPC for fall 2011 and how everyone is feeling. I just took the Teas V two weeks ago and they put a message on the board that they would contact us in 3weeks and until then not to call them. This wait is KILLING me! I am so nervous. Does anybody know people that have already been accepted into the program or is anybody currently in the program?

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    Hi, I'm in my first semester of nursing school @ GPC. I know how you feel. I took my Teas in June of last year and they did not send out acceptance letters until the end of September so the wait was agonizing!!!

    Its only about a month into the semester but my experience so far has been great! I'm glad I came to GPC. Nursing school is a lot of work! I feel like I have no life other than school right now but thats OK. The instructors are very friendly and helpful and there are lots of resources available for you to succeed.

    Good luck!
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    Thank you so much for replying! I am so nervous!

    So you are liking it?! Thats good to know and I am glad you are doing good all I can do is hope for the same with me, HOPEFULLY I GET IN! Normally I am really confident that I am good enough but I just don't know this time, I have a 3.4gpa with 3.5in sciences and got an Advance on the Teas V...Im just nervous and hate the wait!
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    Yes I am loving nursing school despite feeling anxious and overwhelmed at times. Its a lot of work, you are always busy. Time management will be essential for your survival!! People keep saying it, but it needs to be said again and again. So far I don't think nursing school is hard per se, in terms of the material I'm learning, its just a lot to manage with lecture,skills lab and clinicals. But I am absolutely enjoying nursing school. My classmates are great and we root for each other and cheer each other on for skills checkoffs.

    I know its still early but my experience so far has been positive. Sometimes I read so many negative things about nursing school, how awful the students and teachers are but so far GPC has been amazing.

    I think you have a good chance of getting in. They take more people in the fall. I think 120 or 130 compared to the 60 or so they accepted for Spring.
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    Hi. I just got my letter from GPC Nursing Dept. which states that acceptance/ rejection letters will be sent out by April 30. I have no faith that I will make it, unfortunately. I have a 3.9 GPA, but I only scored "proficient" on the TEAS V that I took last week. That isn't necessarily a deal-breaker, but I scored very poorly on the science part. If I get in, I will be so surprised. I have worked sooooooooooo hard to get to this point, and I'm so disappointed that I bombed on the science part.
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    Keep your spirits up 3TimesACharm!! - I scored proficient on the TEAS as well and thought oh man, I messed up. I also had a strong GPA like you do, so that made up for it, so don't give up hope. I'm not sure how GPC does the scoring but I've heard that GPA counts for much more than the TEAS. What I've always heard is GPC pays close attention to your GPA, especially to your A&P I and II grades, and your track record as a student. Meaning that you don't have Ws and you have a strong GPA. The TEAS counts of course but your GPA counts for more. But this is what I've heard, can't say if its true or not, but like I said I also scored proficient on the TEAS, didn't do so well in math, did OK in science and excellent on the other parts.

    Good luck to all of you!
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    3timesacharm I did HORRIBLE on the science part as well! That is a huge part as to my doubt in getting into the program so I will be super surprised if i get in as well....omg i am so scared and nervous!
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    I just took the Teas V (on 02/19/2011) and I only scored "Proficient". I am absolutely DEVASTED!!! My science scores were low, but everything else was okay. I scored the highest in English and Math. My science scores were terrifyingly low. I studied so hard for it. 4 weeks straight. I put everything else on the back burner; even school. And now I have to play catch up with the rest of my classes. I have a 3.1 overall GPA, but unfortunately, I withdrew from BIOL 1611 once in the past, and repeated it. I have to wait 3 weeks for my letter. But I believe that it will require an intervention from GOD to be accepted with my Teas scores. I am really praying for favors from God right now, because I want this so badly!!!! I can't stand the thought of not being accepted into the program. I have already put so much effort and energy in completing all the pre-reqs. Good luck to you all!!
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    Mom headed back to school. I will be taking the TEAS V in April does anyone know how much Science is on this test. I haven't had Science in years. I also wanted to know how in depth do they get into the Math. Is there a lot of geometry, and metric system involved. Getting nervous.

    If anyone could give me any feedback I would appreciate it very much.heartbeat
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    Oh. They don't give you any scores at the testing site. Thank you.

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