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Back to school after many years, raising a family, and trying to become a nurse. What a crazy ride this is!

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  1. 3TimesACharm

    Psych NP for medspa?

    Hi, all! I'm considering going back to school for my NP. I own a medspa and am trying to reduce the need for my Medical Director. No plans to work at a hospital, just make it more convenient for me at my business. I only want the autonomy so that I can prescribe and assess patients without the MD needing to do an initial exam for every patient. If my medical director wins the lottery and decides to leave, I'd like to do it myself. I was thinking that a Psych NP would work, but I don't know if they can write orders and prescribe weight loss meds and other aesthetic related meds (injectables and the like) versus solely doing psych meds. I don't like peds so I'd rather skip that rotation if possible (so no FNP). A few FNP friends suggested Psych NP or Adult Geriatrics NP. I would do Women's Health, but I treat men at the medspa as well, and I need to be able to write scripts for men and women. Can Psych NPs work at medspas or should I pursue a different NP? All advice welcome!
  2. 3TimesACharm

    GPC FALL 2012

    By the way, if anyone wants to buy books, I have some to sell (a bit cheaper than the bookstore). Let me know what books you will be using for Fall semester and I'll let you know if I have it.
  3. 3TimesACharm

    GPC FALL 2012

    mg100, I just finished my second semester (1930). On paper, the schedule doesn't seem bad, but it really is about time management and organization. You have lecture, skills lab, clinical and sim lab. But you HAVE to find time to study in there. Most people in our class have children. I guess class will start at 9am so you have to make sure you're there in time. For first semester at clinical, we had most of the class going to the hospital from 7am-3pm. There was also a group that went from 3pm - 11pm. If getting to the hospital early is an issue with daycare and school and all that, perhaps the 3-11 shift is better for you if you can get someone to take care of them in the afternoon. Clinical was 2 days a week, every other week for first semester. Regardless, you will have to make accommodations for your children either in the mornings or in the evenings when you have clinical. You have to be in lecture, but you can go to school as much or as little as you want. Gas prices are high so I would make the most of my trips there. Like plan study groups on the days that you have lecture or the days that you are already going to be on campus practicing in the skills lab, etc.
  4. 3TimesACharm

    Georgia Perimeter College ADN Program??

    aimhigh, did you attend GPC in 1930 this spring? I hate that school is hard for you, but it really is hard for all of us. Overall though, I don't agree with you. The Nursing Program is very unlikely to be at risk of losing accreditation for something "getting out to the state". They run a tight ship (for the most part) and, anything, are too strict. If they were lax in teaching or things like that, then perhaps that would be an issue. But I haven't witnessed anything like that in my 2 semesters in the program. I haven't been on these boards since I was trying to find out if I got accepted about a year ago. Just like adorable (hey girl!) I finished my second semester (first year) a week ago. And I'm thrilled! Yes, it was hard as heck, but no nursing school is easy. The vast majority of the teachers at GPC are indeed there to help. Really, I think all of them are. Some are just better teachers than others. As far as failing you in clinicals, it's pretty hard to fail clinicals. You have to either be super lazy and not do anything, or falsify patient records, or hurt a patient, or lie about something, or anything along those lines. Clinicals provide a learning environment to practice our skills and put them to use on real patients. We are taught to think critically and prioritize with real people that are ill and are in need of help. Some clinical instructors are harder than others, and some can make it a less than pleasant experience for the student, but that's the luck of the draw. Most of them are great and really make it a time to expose us to as much as possible. The skills lab was "less than ideal" this semester, but that was due to a staffing change. It is going to be easier next semester because now you won't get kicked out after 3 failed attempts. It will be more of a learning environment than a stressful pass/fail situation. Thank goodness! Because we lost a few good students to that policy. Now the administration is something else. I have had little contact with them, and I prefer to keep it that way, but I know of one classmate that failed the third checkoff, appealed to administration, and was able to stay in the program due to the special circumstances of the case. Whether or not we agree with their decision to keep the student doesn't matter. What matters is that they do listen. They have made several changes due to our class being so vocal about what we feel needs to change in order to set us up for success. Well, that's just my 2 cents. To anyone that is considering GPC, go for it!! But know that you are going to have to put in the time to learn! Practice your skills, and get the most out of it that you can! Good luck, everyone! :-)
  5. 3TimesACharm

    GSU Fall 2012

    Hi, I'm in my 2nd semester at GPC. It is hard core. 8 or 9 credit hours is misleading. That makes it look easy on paper. But you have lecture, clinicals, checkoffs and everything in between. Most of my classmates had to either quit their jobs or downgrade to part time. The time you need to study, and practice for checkoffs, and everything else is insane. The program at GPC is hard as heck. But ask any nurse currently working in a hospital; our students come out with the skills, not just the knowledge, to pass the NCLEX and go to work! We are very well-prepared. Seriously. Ask around.
  6. 3TimesACharm

    Explain: Preload vs Afterload

    This is an simple, but excellently simple explanation! Thanks!
  7. 3TimesACharm

    GPC Fall 2011

    No, they said not until late August or early September. I've called Rite Aid, CVS, Walgreens and looked online everywhere. However, they did say they could order one with a prescription from a doctor. But I don't have health insurance, so I am out of luck there.
  8. 3TimesACharm

    GPC Fall 2011

    Does anyone know who is giving flu shots right now? I cannot find one anywhere!
  9. 3TimesACharm

    GPC Fall 2011

    Congratulations on getting accepted Joolzie2010, and welcome! Taking micro over the summer will really free up your time once you are in nursing school. I just finished it and it was brutal for me. Sooo glad it's over. Well, it was a trying semester for me. But yeah, get it out of of the way and you will be really glad you did. It was a lot of information to take in.
  10. 3TimesACharm

    GPC Fall 2011

    i was told from the nursing dept. in response to my question: do we wait until close to the program starts to get the drug test done or can we use results from this week? i noticed that the immunizations must be within 2 months of august 22, so is that true for the drug tests as well? i was told: "drug test should be done in june. the background/drug test has to be with advantage students and it is good for two years...so do it after this spring semester ends so you will be good for your entire two years in school."

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