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Hello everyone, I recently interviewed for the Piedmont residency program and was wondering if anyone else applied or interviewed for a position. I haven't seen any recent post from this year and... Read More

  1. by   JmhATL
    It's been a while since I've been online because I was studying like crazy and I'm proud to share I passed the NCLEX! I tested Friday, Jun 16th at 2:00 in New Orleans and received my results Monday, June 19th after paying the $7 fee for quick results. I couldn't wait to share the news and I also decided to accept a job offer at the New Orleans UMC , which is a Level 1 hospital in my dream location ICU! God truly blessed me and although I won't be moving to Atlanta right now, I'm praying after getting a year of experience I'll be fortunate to get an offer at Piedmont next year.

    I'm cheering everyone on that hasn't taken their exam yet. Good luck, I started my new job this week and have no doubt we will all be great compassionate RNs soon!!!