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Has anyone interviewed at Piedmont for the new grad program that starts in August 2013? I had an interview almost 2 weeks ago and am waiting to hear back whether I was accepted or not. I am feeling quite anxious - has anyone... Read More

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    Anyone starting this Monday for Hospital Orientation?
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    Yep, I am for the CV residency excited
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    Yes I start tomorrow!! I just moved down here Friday from NC and I'm soooo lonely no tv and no Internet so if anyone wants to go out to grab a bite or something than am I up for it!!
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    Did anyone hear back from piedmont preoperative program? I called twice and emailed but got no response. I am trying to plan a trip but is held back because I'm still thinking they might call. If they haven't called now does it mean you weren't selected? Any thoughts?
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    I was called om Wednesday and given an offer for the OR residency.
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    congratulations scrubs4life20
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    thanks Vickan. Best of luck in your job hunt.
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    Hey guys! I'm a new grad from FL looking into the Piedmont Residency program, I would really appreciate your input : when is the next application time frame? How competitive is it? I have no healthcare experience and only have an ASN but got my ACLS/PALS recently, do I have a chance of getting in??
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    I interview for the CV residency next week! Can you tell me how the interview may go??? Would love to meet you and have some connections there!
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    Hey I know this forum is from the beginning of this year but just wanted to see if anyone else got a call for the Piedmont residency that is up now? I got a call and have an interview in a few weeks and just wanted to know a little more about the interview? What type of things do they ask? Does anyone know when exactly the program starts?