Piedmont Healthcare New Grad Residency 2013


Has anyone interviewed at Piedmont for the new grad program that starts in August 2013? I had an interview almost 2 weeks ago and am waiting to hear back whether I was accepted or not. I am feeling quite anxious - has anyone heard back as yet or have any idea when to expect notification? I was told the wait time would be "several weeks".


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I have an interview the 25th :) What was the interview process for Piedmont like?


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Hi bamgam9,

Sorry for the delayed response - I didn't get notification that a response had come in.

The interview is panel style, the interviewers are all very nice and encouraging and as such the is not super stressful. Review common interview questions.

You should have received an email on this information, but there is also a drug calculation exam that you complete on arrival. If you don't pass this exam you do not proceed to the actual interview.

Wishing you all the best on your upcoming interview! Let me know how it goes.


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I'm interviewing in a week (the 27th!) Did they tell you the actual start date of the program? I spoke on the phone with the recruiter who invited me to interview and she said July 22nd. Then again, I'm interviewing for the med/surg residency so maybe they all have different start dates. Also, did you happen to gather whether or not they help with relocation costs? I hope you hear good news soon!


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Hello sremery,

I live in GA and didn't need to ask about it, so I am unsure about relocation reimbursement.

My understanding is that the new grad residency is to start in August, but I am not sure. I was interviewed for critical care position, maybe start date differs based on specialty. I have not heard back as yet so truly can't say for sure.

Are you a new grad? If hired, where would you be relocating from?

Hello. I was just recently hired into the rn new grad critical care program. I was interviewed in May and heard a response within one week. I will be beginning in August. I do believe however that there is a residency beginning in July for those who applied earlier. I did ask about relocation assistance and they do not offer that for new grads. Have you heard back from Piedmont yet? Since I will be moving to Atlanta by myself in August, I am hoping to meet some future coworkers before I move!


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Hello IheartNursess

Congrats on getting in. I have not heard back, so can't count myself as a future coworker. Where are you moving from? Have you started looking at places to live? Atlanta traffic can be quite ridic so if you can, try to find a place that is relatively close to the hospital..

I will be moving from NC and I plan to look for an apt fairly soon. Do you recommend any areas or apartments? I am still unfamiliar with Atlanta and I'm not quite sure which areas would give me a decent commute. I've heard that Marietta and Smyrna might be good locations, but I have not checked the areas out for myself yet.


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Congrats all! I am curious how fast they get back to you to schedule an interview. I applied to the OR residency on Monday. So I was just curious. Do you know what they are looking for? I went to school up North and have previous LPN experience but I am not sure look for down South.

I was called 2 days after the application period closed. And I have no idea what the OR residency would be looking for. But I imagine that experience would be a big factor. But good luck!!

And I hope your getting my messages, because I am new to the site


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Check your email if you haven't already. I interviewed for a position in critical care around the same time you did, and got an email about a week ago letting me know I didn't get it.