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Hey all! I am currently in the application process for Fall 2011 at North GA College & State. I was wondering if anyone out there can offer me come comfort on the application process and acceptance... Read More

  1. by   ThatWeirdArmyGirl
    I called them and they said to stop bugging them because they wont tell us until 2 weeks from now :P (okay so maybe they said it a little different than that)
  2. by   lesuga
    Yea, I'm trying not to call the office. I figure I can harrass my mailbox like crazy, which by the way was empty and filling with cobwebs, and get encouragement from y'all on here! I know we're all gnawing away at our nails and chewing away at our pencil, we we all understand the craziness! I think my boyfriend thinks I've gone "mental" because this has consumed me... I'll keep checking my mailbox and keep you guys posted, but maybe I'll space out my trips to the mail a few days now since we've gotten "word" that we'll be waiting two more weeks!
  3. by   ashleno
    Hey, I've been stalking the boards trying to figure out when the time line of acceptance might be. I am really hopeful that I can get in. I've given up on KSU after two times of getting an interview and being rejected because my college gpa was low (hello, it was 15 years ago!) But that's neither here nor there. I hope to get into the Forsyth campus because it's only 13 miles from my house. I think the program will be the best for me as I am a mom of 3 (10, 8, 4). I re-took the TEAS V and scored a 90. I really want to get this moving, I am so sick of waiting.
  4. by   ThatWeirdArmyGirl
    Good luck to you Ashleno! We will all find out soon!
    If you dont mind me asking what was your GPA that KSU thought was too low? I hear they are the hardest school in GA to get into.
  5. by   lesuga
    At least you got an interview with KSU! My college GPA was 3.34 or 3.43 (don't remember) and that was 3 years ago! I hope we all get in. I check my mailbox today - no college letter and no bills either! Good news! I even got my monthly Better Homes magazine! Two more weeks...
  6. by   ashleno
    I think it was 3.3, I thought it was higher until I realized that half of the classes I previously took didn't transfer because they didn't have a KSU equivalent. My TEAS was 85 when I took it there, I took the newer version January 2011, and scored a 90. I am so OVER KSU. I refuse to retake classes to get in.
  7. by   lesuga
    ashleno - I was in the same boat. I applied twice and spoke to Fran personally on several occassions. However, my mom is an RN in the Kennesaw area and had several nursing students come into her office. They were unimpressed with the Kennesaw program and gave me peace of mind for not getting in. I feel blessed as of right now, even without knowing about acceptance at NGC&S, because of the generosity the staff has offered me. It is a very comfortable staff and I'm glad this school has reminded me that there are still folks out there who want you to succeed and will be willing to help you at any point! I pray we all get into school and I think that from our "convos" on here you'd all make excellent nurses!
  8. by   falconwidow
    Okay I have lost my mind. I dreamed last night I got my acceptance letter, but they wanted my parents to sign the form. My parents died over 10 years ago, so I was freaking out about what to do. How weird.
  9. by   ashleno
    @falconwidow, I think you are stressed out! Waiting is the worst part. I got a call from the school telling me I need to send in my confirmation deposit so I can get campus housing. I started cracking up! I told the girl, I would love to live by myself, but my husband and three kids might not like it. Does anyone know how many students they accept at Forsyth? I think it's a small number, so that makes me nervous.
  10. by   sk8inghunny
    N GA was at the very top of my list of colleges I wanted to attend, but lately I have been hearing a lot of negative things about the program. You all have me encouraged though - I'd love to hear from those of you with friends in the program and how they feel about it.

    Oh and the Forsyth campus accepts 20 students I believe.
  11. by   lesuga
    I've been on edge for the last 3 months! This last two weeks is total torture... I've heard different things about the college, but from a North GA Alum, I was highly encouraged to apply. She is actively working as an RN and recommended North GA without any questions or doubt. I think it gets the "short end of the stick" because it is a smaller school and it's more recognized as a military school in the "boonies". My mom is an RN and seems to have no problems with the school either... I think the school and the education is what you make of it anyways. I have friends who went to schools that others may deem "inadequate" like ABAC and they are making more than my friends from bigger schools like UGA or GA TECH. So, I think it just all depends! I think we'll all be outstanding. Keep our chins up and I pray I get to meet you all as nursing students!!!
  12. by   sk8inghunny
    I'm not hearing negative things in terms of it being in the boonies or anything. Mainly it's the staff, the professors and the way they teach. My A&P professor tells her students not to go there that it's the worst program there is as far as she's concerned. I know that's just her opinion, but to me she is the best professor I've ever had...and I value her opinion. I really would love to go to N GA though, and felt really let down when I heard so many ppl talking bad about it. It would be very convenient for me to go there, and it was # 1 on my list. now, I'm just really confused.
    lesuga...I think you may be right "school and education is what you make of it"
    Your friend that highly recommended N GA how long ago was she there? Just curious, I'm still wanting to go there so bad...I just get really stressed out hoping I'm doing the right thing.
  13. by   lesuga
    She went there a while ago, but as far as her opinion on the school... I think it comes from a professional perspective, not a student perspective. When I was talking about the different schools I was going to apply to North Georgia never crossed my mind (I didn't know they had a nursing program). That is when she started talking about the value of the program and such. If you look up the NCLEX pass rate, it's just as high as the other schools in Georgia. I compared it to West Georgia because that was where EVERYONE was telling me to apply (I didn't because it's 2 hours from "home") and it was exactly the same (89%). To give you a general idea - MCG has a 90% pass rate, Kennesaw has a 91% and Mercer has an 88% pass rate. I hope this gives you some peace of mind. I just think the school isn't as widely known and remember "it takes ten positives to overcome one negative" so it's hard to build up a widely known, great reputation.