1. looking to relocate to GA from MI can anyone give me insight regarding LPNs in GA such as payscale, LPN to RN transitional programs, and employment suggestions.. THANKS
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  3. by   Limik
    Hi lpnsoon2bRN ! I have been an LPN for 18 years in Georgia and unfortunately, I don't have great news to report. The job situation for LPN's has steadily declined over the last several years. Most jobs are now LTC , physicians offices, and sometimes home health. The pay scale is on the low end for most of the country, and of course depends on what area you work in. I am currently in an accelerated LPN to RN program at Athens Technical College and I know there are other programs at other colleges across the state. There are more LPN jobs closer to the Atlanta area and pay is better there as well. It really just depends on whether you will be living in a larger city or in a smaller more rural area. I wish you luck, there are jobs available, you just have to be willing to search for a little while!
  4. by   prettymica
    I agree with the above post, I have been a nurse for 3 years and I am also in a LPN to RN Bridge at Georgia Highlands College. The payscale sucks all around and I live in the city of Atlanta. I still have a few colleagues that have been nursing around the same time as myself and are making entry level pay at some well known places. I have hit my cap and I must get my RN to make more money. Yes almost all LPNs work LTC, home health, some hospice. Doctor offices, urgent care are going towards MAs, to pay less, and hospitals here are moving toward magnet status so that means BSN RN. Most LPN opportunities I cant not get because of 1. no experience in that field 2. Not enough years as an LPN.
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    Moved to Georgia Nursing forum, hopefully will garner additional helpful responses.
  6. by   pcawiz
    If you will work part time on weekends Piedmont is hiring on the ortho floor
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    I work on a cardiovascular floor in a hospital in middle ga and from what I've heard the pay scale is a bit above average. I've only been a nurse 1 year just about, and I love what I do. I'm finishing up my pre-reqs to apply to a few ASN and BSN programs next year. My job is actually hiring for LPNs for the ER and Ortho floor as well.

    Good Luck in your search!!
  8. by   rosco_88101
    I'm relocating to Augusta Georgia in November , I'm an LPN, and just wondering if anyone knows of any good LPN toRN programs in that area? Also if anyone knows anything at all about the area? I have 6 years home health experience and two years hospital experience? Does anyone know the pay scale? Any input will help
  9. by   eklecticsol
    hey in atl the pay at emory healthcare for lpn is between 16.04/22.00... no sure of ltc or anywhwere else but the healthcare market is stable... you just have to search!!! chatthoochee tech has an lpn to rn program... its in marietta... northwest of downtown.... good luck!