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KSU accelerated RN program Spring 2012

  1. 0 Ok, so I've kind of looked around the site, but I can't find what I'm looking for. I applied to the KSU accelerated nursing program for the Spring of 2012. Our applications, TEAS score, etc. already had to be turned in by May 31st. I was curious to know about how long they take to get back to you to let you know if you made it to the second round. I've got a 3.2 GPA right now, and I graduate from UGA in December with a BS in Psychology. I made a 91.3% overall score on the TEAS V. Does anyone have any idea about my chances of getting in? I took the TEAS without even taking A&P at all, but I'm taking it right now. Any advice if I do make it to the second round? I am CPR/First Aid certified and I have my CNA. Also, if anybody needs any advice about the TEAS, I'd be happy to answer some questions and tell you what I thought of it.
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    Hi UGAgal! I'm so glad you started a new thread. I've been keeping my eye out for anyone applying for Spring 2012. I applied to both accelerated and traditional. I graduated from KSU back in 2005. I am finishing up with my last 2 pre-reqs this fall (A&P II and Micro) Like you I had not taken any A&P before taking the TEAS, I got an 84 overall score. I'm not quite sure what my GPA is right now...graduated with a 3.45 and have made A's in Inorganic Chem, A&P I and Dev Psychology but B in Organic Chem. Last I spoke with Fran, we should receive letters in mail if we got an interview or not toward the end of July. This wait is killing me :-)
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    I know! The waiting is awful! If we get in, it will all be worth it. I haven't graduated yet. I'm hoping to go straight into the program after I graduate. I wish my GPA was better. I feel like that is the main thing that could possibly hurt me in the end. BUT, that's what happens when you never had to try in high school and you go straight into college thinking you could conquer it without studying. I learned after that first semester, but it never seemed to be enough since my GPA started out not so great. I've brought it up a lot, but once you make those one or two bad grades, it's killer on those grades.
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    I've also applied for Spring '12. Any idea as to when letters for the interview portion will be mailed? I was told October, but I believe that was for the final decisions. Thanks!
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    Unfortunately, I emailed Sandi a little while back and she said we would know about interviews by October 1st..SUCH A LONG WAIT! I thought that spring applicants usually heard about interviews by the end of July/early August at the latest!!
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    I emailed Fran like mid June to update her on my grades and she told me end of July for interviews.....I believe October is when we find out final decisions.
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    I was also told end of July by someone. I hope so! I can't stand this whole waiting thing. I guess good things come to those who wait. I just hope I make it to the interview, so I can actually get my personality out there. Good luck to all of you guys! I hope and pray that I will be in class with you beginning in January!
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    The letters are posted by end of July and the interviews are scheduled in October ( before mid). The final letters are mailed by first week October. If you email Fran, she will let you know as well.
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    That is a huge relief! Sandi is who told me interview letters would go out in October! So i really hope it is the end of july! Do you guys know anyone who has gotten in and what their gpa/TEAS scores were? I am so nervous!
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    According to previous threads, the stats have been competitive. I've also been told that being KSU alumni or having completed prerequisites at KSU gives you an edge. According to Pitts, they will be accepting more applicants for Spring due to the fact that they no longer accept beginning Summer semester.
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    Well that is a good sign! I know how competitive it is.. But i am very glad they are going to accept more people!
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    Getting more and more nervous the closer to the end of July it gets Has anyone heard anything...have the letters gone out yet?
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    I havent heard anything yet.. I am soooo nervous! this wait is terrible!