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Just wondering if anyone out there is planning to apply to Kennesaw State for the Fall of 2013. I know the deadline is 3 months away, but I wanted to get a thread started for anyone interested in... Read More

  1. by   Stoopkid
    Thanks for the heads up Stephanie. I wouldn't have any quarrels with letting them know truthfully that I would much rather prefer their accelerated program over the program I was already in. I could definitely see why you did in your case. A friend of mine who is already in their accelerated program actually did the same thing you did.
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  2. by   PaulaKB
    Quote from curiosity817
    I guess I checked my mail too early yesterday. Today I got the letter informing me I haven't been accepted to the accelerated program. Best wishes to you all.
    I'm sorry but I really hope you reapply! It takes so much hard work to get where you have gotten, don't give up
  3. by   amjohn
    And I thought I was antsy before...
  4. by   stephanie.
    Just got a personal email from KSU telling me I was accepted and how to register! Praise The Lord!
  5. by   amjohn
    I got that same email!!
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  6. by   stephanie.
    Quote from amjohn
    I got that same email!!

    Congrats amjohn!!
  7. by   amjohn
    However, I still cant register.
  8. by   stephanie.
    And by personal I meant to my personal account, not KSU email.
  9. by   stephanie.
    I wrote down all of the CRN numbers and then typed them into the bottom of the registration form. Try that
  10. by   bware9
    I got the email too! I am literally bawling right now. So happy!! Congrats to everyone.
  11. by   Jajmgraham
    CONGRATULATIONS to everyone who got in!!! WOOHOO!!!
  12. by   futureRN2015
    Congrats Stephanie!!!!
  13. by   kcox36
    I got that same email this morning - I was so excited!! However, I then got another email saying, "I'm sorry, please disregard that email. You won't be able to register for Nursing classes." Meaning, I was not accepted. I hadn't even received my letter yet! Did this happen to anyone else? I hope not, because it was devastating. But, I'm not giving up; I just reapplied for Spring! Best of luck to all you guys!!!