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Now, I'm not into nursing just for the salary. I'm in this for the long haul, and I want to do this for my career. But I've heard from several sources about how much money nurses make. Some say they don't make a lot, some say... Read More

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    I live right outside San Francisco and you should expect at or above $100,000.00 when you are an established RN (meaning you have been in the field for a little while/not a new grad). But the cost of living is crazy high too. I live in Marin, just 20min north of San Francisco, and the AVERAGE house cost is around a million dollars. New grads can make about $80,000.00 starting (plus sign-on benefits if you're lucky). My friend is a nurse practitioner in CT and she only makes like $70,000.00 a year, which is crazy low compared to what nurse practitioners make here ($150,000.00+). If you are a nurse anesthesiologist, you can make over $200,000.00 a year. The bad part is that we get a LOT of traveling nurses here and other nurses from other parts of the country because the San Francisco Bay Area pays higher than any other area in the US. So, if you are a new grad, it's practically impossible to get a job here. Hospitals would much rather pay for a traveling RN than pay to train a new grad. I know several new grads who are still working as CNA's because they can't get jobs. It's sad. I graduate next year and I know my chances of getting a job where I live are very slim.

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    are you kidding me, thats what LPN's make in Connecticut!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    RN's only start at $25/hr, what an insult, LPN's start at $29/hr in Connecticut
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    I'm sorry, I didn't mean anything as an insult, I was merely repeating what my friend told me. Maybe she didn't want me to know how much she actually made. I don't live there, so thank you for correcting me!
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    Well I believe that a nurse anesthetist makes a lot of money you need more schooling with critical care experience but they make close to 100k if not more a year.
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    Thanks for all of the information folks, whether I gave kudos 2 you posts or not, I did take my time reading all of em....
    I don't expect to get rich, but with the loans i'm going to have to pay back by the time I'm done with nursing school, I do hope to do more than break even!
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    Quote from GtownhoyasDC
    Now, I'm not into nursing just for the salary. I'm in this for the long haul, and I want to do this for my career. But I've heard from several sources about how much money nurses make. Some say they don't make a lot, some say that they do. I'm not expecting to make half what surgeons make in a year, but honestly, how much does an RN make? I wonder how many people perceptions of 'a lot of money' plays into the answers, and I just want the facts...

    If possible, could ya'll list specific fields of nurses salaries, too? Thanx!

    It deepens on what state you are in. In Northern California ( the bay area, etc Oakland, Dublin),etc. But when I lived in Baltimore and I worked at John Hopkins Hospital I made close to $100,000.00 a year. This is on a med-surg floor. If you are ICU you could make more. The southern pay is horrible, along with lots of patients per nurse. Now most hospital are requiring BSN which I have from the beginning. John Hopkins initially required BSN nurses but when the nurse shortage hit I guess sometime in the 90's they would take 2yr Rn's. They still don't let LPN's do floor nursing, they can work in the clinic. Blessing to you!!!
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    Quote from GtownhoyasDC
    Well, do you you know the average pay for nurses in Metro Atlanta, or possibly Ga. in general?

    I have a friend who lives in Atlanta and just started a job for $32.00 plus shift diff. She has been a nuse for over 20 yrs. So that's not too bad for nowl.
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    $24.50 to start at my place. I was happy to get it! Texas has no income tax, too. So not bad. I think my place pays a little better, but I think it's around $20-$25 at other hospitals in town.
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    I started out @ $5 / hr in 1974 - In central Oregon I now make $39 / at my day job and I take night Recovery call in a postion that I am guaranteed 20 hr / wk at $46/ hr - last year, my gross was $115,000 - no where near a Dr.'s income. But compared to minimum wage a very good wage. I disagree with the nurse that said you should not apologized for caring about the wages. I work with a few nurse that went into nursing just because of the good wages and in the long run they are not very good nurses. A committed nurse works for the caring and giving to others and the wages are a bonus. So I commend you for feeling committment to nursing as a career and something that helps others and provides you with great satisfaction.

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