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  1. lab1

    We may need fewer nurses in the hospital...

    Add CNN, CNBC and msnbc to that list. They're all ridiculous, esp Beck and O'Donnell.
  2. lab1

    How much do Nurses really make?

    It also makes a difference were you nurse. Acute care hospital nurses make more and if you work nights and weekends that also increases your take home pay.
  3. lab1

    Information on Affordable Health Care Act

    Well there is a cure for that. Come Nov 2, if they have the word incumbent beside their name vote for the other candidate. I suspect that if enough lose their cushy government jobs with government insurance some changes will be made:yeah:.
  4. lab1

    Time to call a duck a duck?

    Craft-I like that and you're right-sometimes it does feel like magic. I think that's why I've always viewed nursing as a calling. It's where you're supposed to be and you couldn't be anything else. Some of the most miserable(emotional and skills) nurses I know are the ones who 'settled' for nursing. And yes I just :redbeathe my job.
  5. lab1

    The attire debate - what should nurses wear?

    I prefer white and starting in a month at my hospital all professional staff must wear either wear all white or white tops/nave blue pants. I cannot begin to tell you how often I have walked into a room and had both patient and family say "finally, the nurse". Now I know the previous nurse was in that room, but they could not be identified easily. I have had family and visitors come up to me and the other 2 nurses who wear white ( one wears her cap) and tell us much they appreciate us wearing white and how professional it looks. And some of these people are in their 30's and 40's. As far as stains go, I've worn white for most of the last 30 years and only got stains on a uniform once-and I work med-surg.
  6. lab1

    Can't get a job :(

    You might consider moving south. I live in Georgia and we have a huge shortfall in RN's and hospitals are hiring. Start with Atlanta and move out to areas such as Augusta, Macon and Savannah. I just checked the Atlanta classified and there over 400 job listing for RN's. I sure many were duplicates but still, check it out. We need nurses in Georgia.
  7. lab1

    There's a Mousetrap In My Med Cart

    I guess my first response is Why is a nursing student giving meds to 17 patients at all? This is almost impossible under the best of circumstances with a experienced nurse. Why are we trying to run nurses out of nursing before they're even out of school?
  8. lab1

    Anyone working as a Clinical Nurse Leader?

    I'm will be starting in a CNL program next year. From what I'm reading here the CNL is being used as entry into nursing were you're at. Here you have to be an experienced RN to get accepted. The CNLs are supposed to be coordinating care laterally for a select group of patients needing either extensive aftercare or having complex care needs as an inpatient. Patient loads should be between 15-20 patients because you are not the patients primary care nurse. The idea is to make sure their care is coordinated so they get the care they when they need it, inpatient and outpatient. They are also suppose to help meet CMS protocols, assist with Magnet status and incorporate EBN to name a few The CNL is not management. This position is help RNs that want to stay at bedside stay there. The VA is using them in this way and are reportedly very pleased with the results, as are the patients. There is a CNL association website at http://www.cnlassociation.org/index.php It doesn't have a lot of info, but its a start. You might also try http://www.aacn.nche.edu/CNLHome.htm for more info. Hope this helps.
  9. You might try looking at the VA. They have committed to using CNL in their hospitals and you should be able to get some kind of salary information.

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