Get into Emory...check! Now where to live?!

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    I will be starting the nursing program at Emory this fall (2014) and now I am looking for affordable areas to live. I'm not looking for an apartment but a house that is not crazy far since from my understanding ATL traffic is!

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    North Druid Hills, Virginia Highlands, and Little Five Points are all in close proximity to Emory.
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    North Druid Hills is really nice, my brother lives there and attends Emory for his graduate degree. He said traffic is not bad & it is a safe neighborhood. Not to mention I loved the area when I visited.
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    I will definitely check into those areas. I was initially looking close to the school which was pretty expensive. I have a middle schooler so hopefully I find an area that is relatively close enough to Emory where it wont take an hour to get home and within a good school district. Thanks for your help! If you have any more suggestions keep em coming
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    If you have kids look at decatur. Great schools.
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    Quote from runsalot
    If you have kids look at decatur. Great schools.
    Umm Decatur doesn't have good schools lol what schools are you referring to? I'm curious.
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    City of Decatur has some of the best schools in the state. Not unincorporated Dekalb that gets called Decatur.
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    Good to know 👍
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    Quote from runsalot
    If you have kids look at decatur. Great schools.
    Yikes. Decatur schools aren't the best in the state though. Gwinnett and Cobb county have them beat
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    City of Decatur schools. Not Just 'Decatur'. About a 5 sq mile area. Great schools. Inside the perimeter. High socio economic area and people don't send the kids to private. High tax rate. . Very close to Emory. Lots of Emory folks here. About a 10 min car ride to Emory and on the cliff shuttle.

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