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  1. I have an overall GPA of 2.25, my program GPA is a 3.15...i got a D in my human anatomy lecture but re-took it with an A. I have yet to take the teas. However the requirements at GPC are....min. 2.0 overall GPA, 2.7 in program GPA 2.7 in biology. However i was previously studying in business administrations so i have around 5 W'S and have failed only one class. What are my chances of getting accepted? Has anyone gotten accepted with similar scores/ similar circumstances?

    So once again, overall GPA: 2.25 (2.3 with this upcoming A)
    Program GPA: 3.15 (with only one re-taken course )
    Bio GPA:3.5 (I'm also not sure if the previous D in A&P will be included in the calculations...)

    Overall GPA: min. 2.0
    Program GPA 2.7
    Bio GPA:2.7
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  3. by   tnbutterfly
    Moved to Georgia State Nursing Programs for more response.
  4. by   milesamelia
    Hi Seevay! Have you submitted your application yet? I'm not sure where to get they not have them online? From what I've seen from previous threads it is hard to really tell what GPC looks for...I have seen people with lower GPAs and higher test scores and vice versa...I think they look a lot at your biology gpa as well. When are you taking the TEAS?
  5. by   milesamelia
    I actually found the application online Just in case you don't know where it its, it is on the nursing web page under deadlines. I almost missed it!
  6. by   GaNicuRN14
    I am also applying for 2013 and I am so nervous!! The wait is the worse part! My science GPA is a 3.0, I'm not sure what my program GPA is since I transferred from another school but I'm guessing it's around a 3.2. I took the teas this month and got a 79.3 total adjusted score and a 90 on both reading and math adjusted scores. I'm very worried my gpas are not high enough but when I emailed Mrs creel she told me that the lowest GPA admitted last year was 2.9 and the lowest teas was a 65 so maybe I have a chance. Just gotta keep praying about it!
  7. by   milesamelia
    Hi aelmo 14,
    I wasn't able to go to the information session at GPC but someone else on here went and this is what they said:

    They are looking at Program and Science GPAs - minimum 3.0...last year the minimum was 2.9.
    TEAS score of at least 65 - last year was also 65. They may end up raising this requirement but I would think with a 79.3 you will still be very competitive!
    Last year they accepted 160 students. This year they are thinking 100-120 but they haven't completely decided yet.
    You have to have been in school within the last year.

    I think that was all she passed along. Hope this helps! My program GPA is a 3.0 which worries me. I have only taken A&P 1 but I got an A at least. Hopefully we will both get in! Have you turned everything in yet? I am just waiting on the school I am at now to have final grades posted so I can send my transcripts. Good luck!!!
  8. by   GaNicuRN14
    I think that will help you a lot that you made an A in Anatomy! Have you taken the teas yet? I just submitted the application a few days ago. I have taken almost all the pre reqs and made As and Bs, but I just finished my government class with a D and now I'm terrified that has messed up my chances. Hopefully they won't hold one bad grade against me too much. I really want to go to an info session but I keep missing them because of work. Hopefully we both make it in though!
  9. by   milesamelia
    I wouldn't worry too much about the D in Government...I think they are more concerned with your science GPA...surely a class that isn't even relevant to nursing won't hurt you too much!!! Did you submit your application electronically or paper? I'm submitting a paper copy because I want to make sure they use the classes that give me the best GPA so I filled out the plan of study and included that! I wouldn't worry though it sounds like you will get in Good luck and hopefully we'll be classmates next fall!!! Keep us posted!
  10. by   Nurse2b7337
    Hello to everyone!! I will be submitting my Teas scores soon. I submitted my application one semester ago. I'm nervous about my Teas score in my opinion it suxxxxx. and the wait begins.....

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  11. by   Nurse2B2016
    Quote from Nurse2b7337
    Hello to everyone!! I will be submitting my Teas scores soon. I submitted my application one semester ago. I'm nervous about my Teas score in my opinion it suxxxxx. and the wait begins.....

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    What's your score? Can't be that bad. They accepted a 67 from someone I know this past admittance.
  12. by   GaNicuRN14
    Nurse2b, what is your teas and what is your GPA?
    I'm not so much worried about my teas as I am my GPA since I only have about a 3.2 program GPA and a 3.0 science :/ waiting is the worst part!
  13. by   Nurse2b7337
    Aelmo I took the teas twice and...lets just say its not so good!!

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  14. by   Nurse2b7337
    Atl you r correct I know someone in the program with a 65!!! I took it twice and let's just say I hope they average the two scores!! I hope they focus more on my GPA!!

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