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I have an overall GPA of 2.25, my program GPA is a 3.15...i got a D in my human anatomy lecture but re-took it with an A. I have yet to take the teas. However the requirements at GPC are....min. 2.0 overall GPA, 2.7 in program... Read More

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    Thanks for the info!

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    You're welcome!! I'd love to attend but my Teas scores prevented me from applying.

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    Can you retake it? What did you have trouble with?
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    Nurse2b don't let the requirement discourage you! If you want to go there give it a try! I don't meet the GPA requirement at N. GA but I applied anyways because I'm hoping they'll take into account the fact that I got a Chemistry degree from THEM and I had a decent TEAS might not matter but I figure its worth a shot!

    Quote from Nurse2b7337
    You're welcome!! I'd love to attend but my Teas scores prevented me from applying.

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    I got a letter from gpc yesterday saying they have received everything and I have met all the requirements so I should hear something by April 30th! I'm so nervous!
    A few months ago I had emailed Mrs creel on info to the program and she told me that they "admit 200 students for 160 slots"
    does anyone know how that works? Will they let you know if you are waitlisted or what?
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    April 30th seems so far away!!! I think they have let teachers go recently because apparently they only have 120 spots now instead of 160...if you look at the end of the GPC Fall 2012 thread you will see that...not sure if its correct though! I don't think they use an official "wait list"...I copied the FAQ from their webpage below for you. I think you get either an acceptance or denial letter but I'm pretty sure I've heard of people not getting in and then getting an acceptance letter in July...there is so much conflicting info about GPC!!! Anyways, let the wait begin! Last year acceptance letters came in March so hopefully that will be the case this year as well! Good luck

    Is there a waiting list?
    No. A waiting list is not kept. Any applicant not admitted, or accepted students who decide not to enter the program, may update their application, in writing, the succeeding semester, but will be considered according to the same criteria.
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    Yeah I read that also that they were taking it down to 120, but I'm hoping they decide not to do that! I just didn't understand how it worked when she said they admit 200 for 160 slots, but I guess the extra forty receive rejection letters unless someone else who was accepted denies their spot? All of this is so stressful! but good luck to us all!
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    Seriously! I had no idea getting into nursing school would be so stressful!!! As far as the admitting extra students goes, they say they do that because not all students who receive acceptance will end up going there...thats probably why they don't do an actual wait list. I'm with you though, I want to know what happens if more people than they are planning on end up attending...seems like they're kind of taking a risk! How long went by between you submitting your application and receiving the letter? I mailed mine in but I never got a letter so I ended up submitting it electronically today just in case!
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    First I submitted my application electronically and I think about a week later I got a letter saying they received that but they still need my teas score, so after I sent them it was about another week or so that I got this letter that I have met all requirements. So you should receive something in about a week-week and a half. I'm not sure how long it would take since you mailed yours, I'm assuming it would take a little longer than electronically.
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    I finally got my letter saying I met the minimum requirements...i think I was just being impatient! I know the letter says April 30 but it seems like in the past people have gotten acceptance letters as early as mid march??? Hopefully that will be the case this year because I am already antsy!

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