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  1. 0 I am planning on moving to the Atlanta area as a new grad nurse however I am from Seattle. The georgia state board of nursing is requiring me to go down to Georgia just to do my fingerprints. i have called literally about 15 times asking them if there was any way around it and they continue to tell me know. i wanted to know if anybody here knew of any ways around it or whether I should be saying something different on the phone. Please anybody help me, this is really annoying. By the way the job market in Atlanta is horrid. Anybody know of any jobs? Please help...
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    If you can stay in seattle and get a job there, i'll advise you to do so. The job market in atlanta sucks for anyone without experience. And yes the GA board of nursing requires applicants to come to GA to get their fingerprints done. Can you wait until you get to atlanta to get the fingerprints done?
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    Be aware its still going to take about 3-4 weeks to get your license after you do the prints. It took forever to finally get my Ga license. They say you can get a temporary but I don't know anyone that has gotten one. Every employer I talked to in Ga before I got my license said they couldn't offer me a job until I had one because it took so notoriously long.

    When I got it, I had several call backs for jobs (a lot of them next day after I applied) when I moved here a few months ago (im about an hour from ATL) but I have a lot of experience in various specialties so new grads are probably not so lucky. My best advice is to apply lots of different places, not just hospitals, if you aren't picky about where you start. And if you aren't afraid of a commute, thats even better!

    Best of luck to you
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    Is there some burning reason you want to move to ATL? or GA for that matter?

    The GA BON is not accomodating and their system is antiquated at best.

    My suggestion is to stay in your area to get experience before you move anywhere if you can.

    BUT, if you move to GA before you even rent take a look at outlying areas for jobs - Athens and Gainesville both have hospitals and they do have jobs.
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    No, Athens doesn't have a whole lot of jobs for out of state new grads. I don't think the hospitals in athens hired even most of the new grads from the local school last year.
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    Well I was just at Athens Regional and St. Mary's and they had jobs posted for RN's
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    Sorry I haven't checked this thing in a while but I was planning on going to Atlanta to be with my girlfriend because she is going to school at emory. Anyways, great advice everyone, appreciate all the help!
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    In two weeks I will be relocating to the Atlanta area from New Jersey... I have 5 years of experience as a LPN in LTC and Sub-Acute Rehabilitaion. I'm a new RN With my Associatea and currently pursing BSN on-line. I'm looking to obtain a position on a Med/Surg unit or Sub-Acute setting... I recieved many rejection letters from Grady and even jobs posted by wellstar... I also was rejected by visiting nurses of Atlanta...Some hospitals said I don't fit the requirements for an RN residency due to my previous experience as N LPN... If anyone has any advice please let me know.. I also see that everyone has the same issue in common..
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    Are you getting your license through endorsement? If so then as long as you turn all of your paperwork in at once the process isn't bad. I suppose if you waited for everyone else to turn in the paperwork (I.E. your school and job) then it may take a while. I live in Ohio and collected all of my verification paperwork and submitted it with my application. I also got a paper finger print card from my local police dept and mailed it to Cogent (which is the company that runs your fingerprints for the board) if you go to their website it gives you this information.
    With that being said the board received my paperwork on July 28th and I got my approved license Aug 12th. So that's like 15 day... My advice... Don't rely on outside people to get your paperwork together. Do it yourself and save the waiting time.
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    I actually have my RN license in GA already. I'm just looking for a job.
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    Hi ,
    I am graduating next week, and i am from NY. I accept a job offer in savannah , and wondering how long it takes initial RN licensure application ? i am hoping to send my papers first week of January but wondering how long will it take to get ATT ? My orientation begins end of january. they will allow me to join w/o license but i would like sit NCLEX ASAP. I will appreciate if any recent grads post here for me .
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    They have a website that can provide you can apply to go do your fingerprint at your local police station. That's what I did when I transferred my license from florida