Georgia baptist college of nursing/Mercer University Fall 2018 - page 6

Hey! Just wanted to start a forum for anybody applying to this program for fall 2018. I have everything turned in and I'm just waiting for it all to process on the portal. I retook some science... Read More

  1. by   mercerbear1
    Sorry idk why my comment reposted.
  2. by   FutureCNM0522
    @emblank07 They posted my acceptance letter in my account online and then I received an e-mail a few days later with the same letter. I never received anything in the mail. Also, I didn't submit a letter of recommendation, but I think my essay and my TEAS score made up for it. Good luck! I hope you get in!
  3. by   unique44
    Hi! I'm also applying to the Fall2018 class! I'm so nervous I haven't turned in my essay or I haven't taken my TEAS.. I'm taking it in a couple weeks.. I see that most of you had really high scores, how did you prepare? Did you buy the online package on the ATI website? I'm so nervous about the test right now my stats are
    3.0 overall gpa
    3.33 science gpa
    3.4 transfer gpa
    I'm taking a full course load this semester (17 credit hours) so hopefully it boost them up some. I need to do really well on my TEAS so that I would have a solid chance of getting in. Any suggestions?
  4. by   mercerbear1
    I used the TEAS secrets book and an anatomy textbook to study. I think you'll get in with your science GPA!