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Hello All, I am Jay one of the moderators of the GA Forum. I welcome everyone to this great site and this forum. This forum is for Nurses and Nursing students to talk about nursing issues... Read More

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    Hello to everyone !!
    I am a german nurse living in the Columbus area. I have been in GA for good over a year now and so far, I am loving it !!
    I have been a member here for a while, but in the student and international nursing links.
    I have just passed my NCLEX - RN ( Dec. 05 ) and am currently looking for a first position as an RN !!
    To a happy posting :spin:!!
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    Congrats on passing your NCLEX!!!
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    Greetings to all! Ga. native here ( N.E. Atlanta ) brand new graduate of US Army nursing school ( reservist ) looking forward to networking and learning! HAPPY NEWYEAR!
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    HI All!

    Mt Name is Christine and I am just finidhing mt A,S, of Business at GPC I am currently a licebsed esthetician and have been in spa management for the last several years, I have been practicing esthetics (skin care) here in GA and manageing spa mainly for plastic surgeons for the last 6 years. Due to the economy my industry that was floursihing here is failing so my husband and I decided that I persue my dream of becomming an RN. Great sacrifice will come along with me doing so as we will need to try to quickly sell our home or just let if foreclose so that we have the money fo rme to maybe just practice esthetics 1-2 night and 1 weekend day during the beginning of NS (if I get in) I am going to take my sciences now and transfer from GPC to KSU in the Spring of 2010 so it will probably take me another year ot finish up prereqs after that. I would like to stay working as an RN for plastics but if I cant then Psychor L&D is my next choices.

    I am so happy to have foind this site as it seems like it wil be an invaluable tool going through the ups and downs of this process that only other people in our shoes and on our area can understand.

    Nice to meet you all, good luck in folowing your dreams!
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    Hello everyone,

    I am TeeTee,RN and I am living in the Atlanta area. I am a new nurse grad. I graduated in Dec. 2008. I am excited about entering the nursing field. So far it has been hard to find work as a new grad, but I'm hopeful that things will change.
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    Karen here! I just graduated from GPC's nursing program last week and am job seeking and studying for the NCLEX.
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    Hello! I'm Shannah from southeast GA. I graduate next week fromLPN school. Plan on going on for my RN in January.
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    I'm Cody. I go to Middle Georgia College. We are so close! I would love to ask you questions about real world nursing sometime!
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    Wow Im so happy to finally meet some nurses or people from georgia on here period. Im currently a CNA in school for my LPN at MGTC. Oh yea my name is Kenyarda. Originally from Florida relocated to WR last year in may hubby in the Air Force..It will be nice to talk to all of you.
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    Hello All,

    Back in GA. I am originally a Texas girl and moved here as soon as I graduated with my BSN in 2005. My first nursing job was at Emory University Hosp., and I had an amazing experience there. Did that for 2 years then became a travel nurse in CALI for a year. Loved it!! Just returned to GA a month ago, for a couple reasons, and anyway here i am. I looked for a job for over a month and was lucky to interview with 4 hospitals in the area and was offered a job at each one. I am going with Grady, some may say I am crazy, but i am excited. It def wasn't the highest paying, but it is the experience i am looking for. I start orientation on the 20th of this month. Wish me luck.

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    I am Pamela and I recently took and passed NCLEX on last Friday! Yay! I live in the Warner Robins area and will start work in the CVICU in Macon beginning of August. I am also a Registered Respiratory Therapist
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    Hello Everyone!

    I am in Duluth, GA. I've been lingering on this site since I started nursing school in '07! I am originally licensed as an RN in CT, and am currently awaiting licensure by endorsement from the GA BON. I didn't realize it would take so long! I am also a new grad (May '09).
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    Hello all!
    I am in Savannah, GA and set to begin the BSN program at Armstrong Atlantic State on Aug. 17!! I am a double major: Health Sciences (Health Admin)/Nursing and looking forward to this journey and graduating May 2011. I am also an Army ROTC cadet, so I have already signed my life away ! Look forward to hearing from everyone!