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Hello All, I am Jay one of the moderators of the GA Forum. I welcome everyone to this great site and this forum. This forum is for Nurses and Nursing students to talk about nursing issues... Read More

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    I am new to the site and nursing. I am finishing my LPN-Charge Nurse orientation at a LTC facility and will be "on my own" next week! I am in So. GA.
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    My name is Jason. My family moved to GA due to a military re-assignment (wife is an Army nurse). I am an LPN, but decided to hang up that hat for a while so I could pursue my RN (currently a student @ MCG)
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    Quote from MursingMale
    My name is Jason. My family moved to GA due to a military re-assignment (wife is an Army nurse). I am an LPN, but decided to hang up that hat for a while so I could pursue my RN (currently a student @ MCG)
    Welcome to allnurses!!!!!!!!
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    Hi y'all! I'm Amber, a 34 yr old nursing student. Married w/ 3 kids. Hubby is truck driver. Nursing classes begin 10/01/08 and I am both nervous and so very excited. It's nice to meet y'all and I look forward to getting to know y'all better.
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    Hi GA nurses! My name is Leslie, I live in Tampa but my husband and I will be moving to Savannah, GA in a few short weeks. I am excited and looking forward to the change, and it appears the pay will be better than FL. I am 4 months pregnant and will be 5 months by then, so I will probably do some home health and/or private duty until the baby is born and then I will go back into the hospital setting, unless I luck out and find a place who doesn't mind hiring me in the middle of my pregnancy when Ill have to leave soon thereafter for maternity leave. I also like that I can take my time going back if I work agency for a while and it wont matter how much time I take off (hopefully at least a couple of months). When I go back to the hospital, I really want to work in L&D or mother baby. Looking forward to hanging out here more!

    Id love to hear from other nurses in the area!
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    Welcome to all the new Georgia nurse members!!
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    Just wanted to say hi to everyone. I got my lpn in 98' and recently completed my bsn at mcg in Augusta. I waited until the children were grown before I pursued my own educational needs, and I wish now I had started earlier. I worked mainly ltc as a lpn so I went immediately to a med/surg unit when I graduated this time. It isn't what I want to do for the rest of my career but it sure has given me the needed tools to go forward when the time comes. Vicki
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    Hey, this is Kendra a new LPN grad in Stone Mtn. I wanted to go back to school and wanted to know would it be smart to do LPN-RN bridge or go all the way and get the RN-BSN degree instead? I also wanted to know if there is an online way to finish or test out of A&P 1&2 and Microbiololgy. I have taken them all but know are too old!
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    how do i join the Ga nurse forum and does anyone have any info about the bridge programs for LPN. I have seen a lot of statements that say there is a 4semester program. Thank you
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    Hi Vickiga I'm looking to relocate to Augusta in Feb. do you or anyone know of any agencies or referrals to any LPN jobs in Augusta area. Also does anyone
    know of any IV certification classes I can take here in Atlanta?
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    Shayla from Powder Springs here!!!
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    Karen from Thomasville, GA! I am about to start my first RN job in Albany, GA. Whoo-hoo!
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    Miriam from Thomasville here. I am re-entering nursing after 6 years out (had twins). Still looking for a job at the moment.