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Hello All. Has anyone applied for the fall nurse residency at Piedmont and heard back yet? I know that interviews are slated to begin on Monday and I was just wondering if I am going to get a call. Keeping my fingers crossed.... Read More

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    I sent them an email on Fri July 27th & received a reply July 30th stating that they would be in contact should they wish to set up an interview. I also asked if they would be letting those not chosen know they weren't chosen but that question was remain unanswered.

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    I see they have updated the website for applying for Feb 2013 residency, so I guess the fall one is completed?. Anyone get an interview or "no thank you" email?
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    I still haven't heard anything :/
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    Nothing from them to me either. I just find it hard to believe that out of the seven of us here, no one got an interview or email stating otherwise? When I applied for their spring 2012 residency I got an email that my application had been forwarded to the manager before they realized I wouldn't take my boards in time to start (oops). Did anyone email the HR contact who reached out to you about submitting your attachments through them?
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    Considering they've had so many issues with IT, I wouldn't be surprised if the interview process was pushed back. Still, I'm not holding my breath.
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    I got a email yesterday requesting my resume and questions again bc of IT issues!
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    Still no updates?
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    I haven't heard anything from anyone. Ugh! This is so frustrating!
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    I got an email and phone call from them yesterday setting up an interview, so they are starting to reach out. They said there are only positions in CV areas. Good luck to everyone interviewing!
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    i got an email and phone call from them yesterday setting up an interview, so they are starting to reach out. they said there are only positions in cv areas. good luck to everyone interviewing!
    whaaaaaat only in cv?! what the heck happened?! they advertised positions in all kinds of areas. well that is so disappointing.

    good luck to those interviewing!

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