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Hi Everyone! I am getting ready to apply to Emory's Fall 2012 BSN for 2nd Degree program and thought it may be helpful to start up a little forum/therapy group-ha. If you are: currently... Read More

  1. by   emwatki
    I've been off and on these boards since I started looking at second-degree nursing programs a year ago... and finally re-activated my account! I was accepted to Emory as a second-degree student and as of now plan to attend! I'm still waiting to hear from my first choice.... but Emory was a close #2 and I'm VERY excited!!
  2. by   crjohnson10210

    Have you joined our facebook group yet?? Emory Nursing Fall 2012.
  3. by   Pixie.RN
    Just a reminder -- posting links to Facebook groups is a violation of the website Terms of Service (TOS). Please just post the title of the group so people can search that way. Thanks!
  4. by   peachshan
    I have a question for those that applied and were accepted: what exactly are the admission committee looking for in the resume? I went to the informational session this weekend and they have sold me! Of course, I am going to apply at different places. However, I am really excited and nervous about the admission process. Thanks for any advice. Oh yeah, I plan on applying as a BSN 2nd degree
  5. by   gwelltravaille
    To the Emory applicants that were accepted,

    Could you tell the rest of the readers (new) what your GPA, nursing experience (if any), and what your GRE scores were?

  6. by   halffull
    Ladies and Gentlemen,

    You are giddy with excitement at going to Emory. The feeling is a thrill, to have been accepted at such a prestigious school! And yet, have you sat down to do the math? If you are taking loans out, have you truly realized how long it will take to pay those loans off? Take it from someone who has been in your place. Emory is expensive, but is it worth it? Just please think about it. If this school truly cared about "social responsibility" it would make getting a nursing education less of a burden. But if you have been sold on the incredible sales pitch, it may already be too late ...
  7. by   karczyn2

    True. It is a very expensive school. And almost all schooling these days is way overpriced. A problem in this country in and of itself. However, it is not the nursing school who sets the tuition, but the University as a whole. The blame should not be pointed at the SON in any way. The SON also is very aware of this and is something they take into consideration with every decision of their program.

    To those reading this, be aware that there are plenty of funding sources to help you through the two years in addition to opportunities such as HRSA post-graduation. It may be tougher for some, but is very doable. This is coming from a current student.

    Emory SON truly does follow their value of social responsibility and it is one of the few schools who does. It is evident in their work throughout the state of Georgia and other countries of this world.

    Just adding to the other side of the story. However, in the end it is each individuals choice.

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