Emory BSN Fall 2014 Applicants

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    Hi all. The application for Emory's BSN program recently became available. I am SO excited to finally be at this point after taking pre-reqs for 2.5 years! I am hoping to connect with other Emory hopefuls during this nerve wracking process! Anyone else planning to apply for next Fall?
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    I just submitted my Emory application today! I am really nervous though because I am still waiting for one letter of recommendation! I am about to start notifying him every other day until the 15th! Have you submitted yours yet?

    I am wondering how soon they start accepting people!
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    I am waiting on one as well and it has me frantic! Last year, people started hearing around Feb. 20 or so. Officially, they say March 1.
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    As long as you write a good essay, finish all required courses, maintain a good GPA, roughly over 3.5, you will have a great chance.
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    My last recommender submitted at like midnight on the 15th after being completely unresponsive for days. I about had a heart attack. Now the waiting begins!
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    I am still waiting for him to send the recommendation!!! What is a nice way of saying "You are screwing me over". lol. I can't change my prof either. lol. Waiting is the worst, but we will all be really good at it by the end of this semester! Good luck
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    Oh my god, I would flip out! Are they accepting late materials?
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    I also have applied to Emory for Fall 2014. I hope I get in! I know it can be extremely expensive but I have been told it is worth it once you graduate! Best of luck!
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    i am a fall 2014 hopeful as well, and i am dying to hear whether we get in! i keep checking, and i know it's not going to be there because it isn't even february yet haha. this is the most nerve-wracking experience ever! good luck everyone!

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