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Hey everyone! I just wanted to start a thread for those of us who have been accepted to the ABSN/MSN program at Emory. I thought it would be helpful in discussing preparations for next year and... Read More

  1. by   karczyn2
    Congrats to all you new Emory nursing students!!!!

    I am currently a junior in my second semester in the traditional BSN program and I love it. I think you will all be happy if you choose to attend.

    Definitely attend the day for admitted students. I came from Seattle and felt that it was truly beneficial.

    Welcome and congratulations!
  2. by   T-Dasha
    Congrats to you all!

    I'm currently an ABSN '12 student. If you all have any questions I would be glad to answer them.

    mandawyatt - I can answer your question about the class schedule. Yes, most days you will have class from 9 - 4. There are no weekend or night classes.

    Again welcome to the Emory SON family!
  3. by   olive36
    Hey all, Do y'all know if it's possible to still get a letter of acceptance? I hope all the letters were sent last week only eek. Emory is my top choice. Congrats to those who got in and best wishes to those still waiting!!
  4. by   bluecloud
    I got accepted and will attend the meeting Feb 10th for new students .

    VERY HAPPY! I look forward to meeting you all!
  5. by   mandawyatt
    Thanks, that is very helpful!! I have a TON of questions! How do you like the program? Are you glad that you are doing the ABSN or do you wish you were doing the regular BSN?

    I know I have more questions, but I can't think of them right now!

    I made the financial aid appt with Katie Kennedy this Friday. She was super nice about it, just send her an email.

    Silvrdove, I can't meet up before hand because I will have my son all morning. Sorry! I am really not very familiar with that part of town, I live about an hour away from campus and will have to commute.
  6. by   mandawyatt
    @olive36 I wouldn't give up hope just yet. There is always the chance that they haven't sent out all the letters and if they have, then probably not everyone will accept their slot and spaces can still come available. :-)
  7. by   T-Dasha
    There are pluses and minuses to each program....BSN vs ABSN. Example BSN students have the opportunity to do summer externships. But as an ABSN student we have all get to do 2 weeks of an international summer immersion trip at no cost to us. Yes...Bahamas, Dominican Republic, or Jamaica for FREE! And there are many more pluses to the ABSN program that I could dive into however the biggest advantage is that I'm almost done and I'll be graduating at the end of the summer instead of the BSN class who has another 16 months of school left.
  8. by   ayti
    @ T-Dasha
    Nice to read from an ABSN student. I have some questions myself that I am curious about:-)

    1. For the international summer immersion, do you get to pick which country to go or is it decided by faculty for the class? Hard to believe it is FREE! but that is so cool LOL. Is the trip for first semester?
    2. Do students work as an RN after finishing the ABSN portion? while continuing the MSN program ?
    3. How long is the ABSN/MSN program? can the MSN part be done part time? do you know if people that finish the ABSN/MSN program get hired right away as a Nurse Practitioner without working as a bedside nurse?
  9. by   ayti
    @mandawyatt what side of town will you commuting from? I am probably 1hr away too from campus. I live in Smyrna/vinings area. I am thinking about making an appointment too with financial aid just to explore options! Did you apply for any of the scholarships?
  10. by   silvrdove

    Thank you for offering! I hope you don't feel overwhelmed from our questions

    1) Do you know of anyone in the segue program leaving after the ABSN or BSN portion? Will you be awarded a BSN even if you have to leave before the MSN portion starts?

    2) Where do most students live? On or off campus? It looks like there are graduate apartments, but I couldn't tell if they were a good value or if most students lived in other housing.

    3) Do students usually form study groups or study independently?

    4) What do you recommend as the most important things to see or do when we visit campus?

    Thank you!
  11. by   bluecloud
    Hi Silvrdove,

    I am not in the program yet, (just accepted), but I know a little bit of what you are asking...

    I worked at Emory School of Medicine on campus for years, as a research scientist,
    so I can tell you that in general at Emory, quite a few people live on campus, and quite a few live off campus.

    I rent a room in a house off campus. Emory provides excellent shuttle service from different parts of town, and then you don't have to pay parking and can ride the shuttles to and from school if you live off campus.

    As for your (1) question above, I asked the program that directly. They said it's totally possible to quit after first year with your BSN if you decide not to do the MSN. You would still get your BSN degree and your RN licensure (if you finish the first year and pass NCLEX-RN exam).

    As far as visiting Emory campus, this is totally just my opinion, but it's such a gorgeous campus! There is a great art/culture museum on campus, and also an organic garden run by students. There are excellent libraries, and there are so many cool events on campus all the time... like films being shown, art events, music events, talks on all kinds of topics, etc etc

    It's really one of my favorite campuses to hang out at. Sorry that answer is so general.

    Will any of you all be attending the event on 2/10?

    Have a great day!
  12. by   mandawyatt
    Quote from ayti
    @mandawyatt what side of town will you commuting from? I am probably 1hr away too from campus. I live in Smyrna/vinings area. I am thinking about making an appointment too with financial aid just to explore options! Did you apply for any of the scholarships?
    I didn't apply to the two the emailed about because I didn't fit the criteria. My Cumulative GPA is only a 3.2 and I have been a stay at home mom for a long time, so I didn't feel I had any socially conscious work to put on the other one.

    I live in Gwinnett, the Dacula area. I am about 10 minutes from Mall of Georgia. I can't remember where Smyrna is. I haven't been in the area that long. There is a park and ride not far from my house and it will take you to midtown where I guess I would have to get MARTA to take me to Emory. Has anyone done anything like that? I like the idea of not being in charge of driving, but not sure how complicated and/or reliable that type of transportation is.

    @T-Dasha Does everyone in the ABSN participate in the International Summer Immersion? It sounds really cool, so I wasn't sure if it was one of those things you have to apply and get accepted for separately.

    I will definitely be there on the 10th!
  13. by   ayti
    I have also been a stay at home mom for a few years myself. I did not meet all the criteria for the scholarships as well but I just gave it a long shot to apply . I was told it depends on how competitive the applicant pool is. Smyrna is in cobb county near Marietta area.