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  1. 0 Any Darton College Student?

    What was your first semester like and when did the clinicals start? I am applying for Summer 2012 and just wanted to know before I pay for a cruise that is schedule for June 2012.
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    Im applying too! I hope we get iin
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    Hi. I just finished my first semester at Darton. It was over the summer. I must say that it was a very positive experience. I loved all of the instructors. Here's the deal, you get out what you put in. You get what you get. There are no handouts or favortism (I need to learn how to spell, LOL). The instructors are very fair. It was ALOTTTTT of work. One thing that I can say is that I'd rather go through a tough program like Darton's and know my stuff when I'm done, than to go to a so called 'easy' school. Darton is very tough but I loved every minute of my first semester. You have to realize that Darton has a very good reputation for it's nursing program, additionally we have been approve for the new BSN program! Throughout the semester, you will have two classes, fundamentals and pharmacology, plus a fundamentals lab every week. The classes were very technologically driven, which i loved btw. We had access to classroom and lab videos to view at our leisure. We didn't do clinicals till the last two weeks of classes. The best advice that I can give to is to study hard because Darton is a tough program but you can do it. I highly recommend this school to anyone who wants a good nursing education. Good Luck!
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    Thank you for the information! I applied for Spring 2012, and am taking the HESI this weekend.
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    luluinblu, what campus are you applying for? I am applying now for the new hybrid traditional nursing program at Ft. Benning that will start in January 2012. I am nervous about the HESI Test. I have taken an NLN Exam before which was like taking the SAT, but the HESI from what I hear is more geared toward nursing.

    If there is any advice you or anyone can give me about what to expect and what I need to do, I would greatly appreciate it! Good luck to you and everyone else!
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    I applied for Albany Campus Day Traditional. There is a study guide you can buy for about $30.00. The HESI is about 60 questions that covers vocabulary, grammar, biology, anatomy and physiology, and basic math skills. I take my test this weekend, and I am super nervous! I'll let you know more details after I take it. Good luck!
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    Thanks! I am not sure when I will take it yet, but Cindy Wright that I talked to at the school yesterday said it would probably around the first of November, so that does not give me much time to study!!!! Good luck on yours!
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    luluinblu, I also applied to the Albany spring 2012 program. I take the HESI oct. 8th. If you could let me know how it goes for you please! I have heard different things about it..so I'm not too sure what to expect, but I do have the study guide.
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    Hello all! I applied for the spring nursing program, and was wondering what other people got on their hesi.
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    Jeff18, I made an 87 overall with an 88 in a&p! What about you? Fingers are crossed!
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    I made an 81 in a&p and a 86 overall. They said my class average on the test was a 77. That might be a good thing for the both of us!
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    Yea, hopefully! Did you take it yesterday by any chance? Lol
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    I took mine on Friday... What was your class average?

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