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Anyone applying to Clayton State University for Fall 2013? Did you take the TEAS already?... Read More

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    Thanks... I know that Kennesaw state is good, because a lot of people who applied there plus GA State and Emory did not get into Kennesaw (but got into the other 2 schools). I just don't know a lot about Clayton. I guess at the end of the day, I'm going to be responsible for making myself the best RN that I can be... so I am going to stay with Clayton as my choice. Esp. because it has 1/3 the amount of students that Kennesaw has, and it's 1/2 the distance from my house! =P

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    Good choice :-). see ya in August!
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    Quote from futureRN2015
    Good choice :-). see ya in August!
    We should exchange info! I can be reached at my name plus 97 on the yodeling site
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    Hi everyone...... the orientation package is up
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    Quote from fruizy1113
    Hi everyone...... the orientation package is up
    Yay! I'll be happy when we're finally done with paperwork and actually in class!

    By the way, I recommend the American Heart Association class, they have a great split portion that is website tutorials/quizzes and then a 1hr practical session. I did it earlier in April when I was still deciding between schools.
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    I can't wait either!!and ok that sounds good...
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    Just touching base with everyone! Hopefully summer classes aren't too tough. Is there a facebook group for our class? Orientation is around the corner :-) see you soon.
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    Hi futureRN2015-- I saw your PM but I can't respond. I don't know if there's a Fall 2013 Facebook page, but there's this generic CSU Nursing page:

    s anyone taking Pathophysiology right now? I'm taking it online with Dr. Foster.
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    Hello everyone. Was wondering if anyone could shed some light for me. I will be taking my last preq of microbiology next spring. I want to apply for the nursing program for next fall. Do the prereqs need to be completed BEFORE you apply or can they be taken during and completed before you actually begin the program? Thanks to anyone that can answer my question.
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    From their website:

    Best—3.40 GPA; 85 TEAS; one attempt at math/sciences; currently enrolled in remaining prerequisites

    Good—3.20 GPA; 80 TEAS; limited attempts at math/sciences; two semesters remaining in prerequisites

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