Chamberlain BSN program opening in Atlanta???

  1. I went on the Georgia Board of Nursing Website to look again at the list of schools and what programs they offer. I see that Chamberlain has been added. I live in IL currently, moving to Atlanta in the spring/summer of 2012 and hopefully starting a BSN program in the fall of 2012. Chamberlain is one of the more popular schools in my area, so I am familiar with them. I would say 1/3 of my pre-req classmates are applying to the Chamberlain near me.

    Anyone have any info on when they will start enrolling for the new Atlanta campus? Maybe there are some creditable rumors out there. I see that they are hiring from looking at the job listings on their website, so can't be too long??? The address puts it right by Northside and St. Joseph's Hospital.

    Georgia Board school directory:
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  3. by   IslandRae
    Wow...I'm from the Chicago area and have a couple of friends in the program up there. I think it would be great if they open up a campus out here. If I don't get in to Kennesaw this spring, I will definitely apply to Chamberlain.
  4. by   lala07
    YAY!!! another BSN program in the area. This really makes me feel better. Since it's so hard getting into the few we have here in this area. I'm just need to do some research on the program......and it may be on my list of ones to apply to.

    I'm so excited.
  5. by   jennys77
    I agree, not a lot of programs in the Atlanta area (that you could realistically comute to since it's so spread out). Charmberlain will be the closest to me, so if I don't get into GBCN and Chamberlain is accepting apps, I would probably go there. GSU requires a chem class that I don't have, and GPC is only an ADN.

    Hopefully this additional Chamberlain option pans out. and if they have a good transfer policy and accept all transfer credits other than actual nursing courses, that would make them really competitive with GBCN by both tuition and timeline.
  6. by   phrozenone
    Has anyone heard anything about this program? I noticed the program listed on the GA Board of Nursing as a new program. I am scheduled to go take a look at the campus on Wednesday to see what its all about.
  7. by   renge1
    classes starting april 30, 2012
    they have a bsn 3yrs===starting from stratch

    and they have lpn/rn bridge
    go to the is listed
  8. by   phrozenone
    Hello all!!! I attended an information session for Chamberlain here in Atlanta. I must say, the facility is VERY IMPRESSIVE. It is an accelerated 3 year BSN program, 2.7 GPA is required. I'm considering, BUT my only concern is the cost....$70,000 total for the program.
  9. by   jonesgeo
    Hi phrozenone

    Did they tell you anything about the application process? How many students are they accepting for the next term? I agree these private schools have made getting an education very expensive.
  10. by   phrozenone
    hey there,

    They are currently accepting students for the April 30th class. They accept students 3 times a year. I was looking to apply for the September class. As far as how many, they did not mention and at this point, since they're new to Atlanta, they probably don't have a set number yet. The application fee is $95.00 which includes the cost of the entrance test (HESI), and you can take it as many times as you like. On a good note, if you do have any transfer credit, that can bring down the cost of tuition as well as shorten the time for you to complete the program. THAT'S the only thing that got me considering.
  11. by   jonesgeo
    HESI, these schools really drive me crazy with all these different test that you have to take that is pretty much are all the same just to get into a program.
  12. by   phrozenone
    I totally agree with you. My cousin told me that when she applied to nursing school ( X amt of years ago, and was accepted, graduated...etc) there WAS NOT SUCH THING as a TEAS, HESI, Kaplan, NET...NONE OF THAT. The only thing they considered was GPA.
  13. by   sharieka alicia
    Quote from phrozenone
    Has anyone heard anything about this program? I noticed the program listed on the GA Board of Nursing as a new program. I am scheduled to go take a look at the campus on Wednesday to see what its all about.

    I am also interested in this program. How did your campus tour go?
  14. by   phrozenone
    The tour went well. The lab and the facility is very impressive. I decided to go ahead and apply for the Fall.