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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta campus...The guy answered the... Read More

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    well I figured since I started the thread I should come back to share how my experience ended with Bauder. I graduated in July and took my boards yesterday.......passed with 75 questions...yes 75 unreal. My name is on the GaBon..... pearsonvue trick works, instantly know if u passed or failed. I thank God for this opportunity and I hope to continue on to become an amazing nurse. Good bless everyone! -NURSE P
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    Ps starting my rn-bsn in January as well. Already accepted.
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    I am interested in attending Bauder College. I went June 2011, took the Wonderlic test and did not pass on my first try. I have not been back since. I have to be honest, I was a little fearful of retaking it, plus I have been attending college somewhere else and that took up a lot of my time. It is now 2013 soon to be 2014. I do not want to waste any more time. Does anyone have any suggestions on taking the wonderlic? I would hate to fail it a second time.
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    @ti66 You should definitely go back to re-test. Everyone doesn't pass on the first try. I'm hoping to start the LPN program that starts in March of 2014.
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    Omg exact same thing as me, I also failed the test in 2011 and since then I have been doing pre-reqs at a tech college. I suck at math horribly and gave up on trying to test again.
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    Is there anyone who is already in the nursing degree program at the Atlanta campus?
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    Yes I am
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    I'm in the nursing program at Bauder ATL. after being denied by every school and moving from florida I'm just blessed to have an opportunity. Schools are getting harder to get into. Don't be too picky. Times are changing. The more picky you are, there goes another year of you not being a nurse take it from me.

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