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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta campus...The guy answered the... Read More

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    Where did u ended up going?

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    The Bauder College KAPLAN Nursing Program for ADNs is a joke. The instructors are complete EGO maniacs with deceptive practices, grade changing, harassing some students to death and the worse simulation lab in Georgia. You would think that the administrators of the program would be better, but they aren't. Things like cursing classes out, having ridiculous rules that have nothing to do with the policies, being complete ****** for no reason. They suck! They can't hardly even get clinical sites, who ever would think that you would send nursing students to a freeking jail for pediatric clinical rotations. The so called Director of Nursing for the program is pathetic and the assistant DON is even worse. They are caught up on ego and nothing more than that. They make fat checks and do not care about the students at all. The environment is hostile and not a place that focuses on teaching, learning and making sure that the students succeed. All they want is the $40,000 and that is all. They do not care what students go through to make the financial sacrifices to go there. The program is completely disorganized. Students are failing the NCLEX left and right. The pass rate is only 60%. I am so glad I am done with them. I would not sent a chia pet there! It does not seem like the corporate office even cares. Something needs to be done about those people and soon before anyone else gets jerked around! Call the corporate office, ethics line and anyone who will listen!
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    Hey I just sent you a private message Atlantanurse
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    So I take it you went to bauder and got kicked out atlanta rn?? U madebit to peds and what happend bc peds in one twrm before graduating and noone leaves then
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    Ok heres the thing and this is for anyone interested in bauder rn program. We loom for people that will make good nurses. We want people that read and study not to just pass a class but to actually understanding what the heck they are doing. If you are the type to cheat or half ass assigent bauder ia not a good fit for you. Its a weed out process and and we definately are weeding out those that flat out should not be there, taking longer than some thougjt but those that are needing to be gone are getting ghost. Not to be harsh but I dont want half competant nurses coming into my hoslital room. Unfortunately a lot of people slipped through the cracks and got in the program but nursing school is a survival of the fittest. Im grateful to be in nursing school and to finish this summer god willing.
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    Sorry for the typos I cant type on this cellphone
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    So...hopefulnurse I am currently in the program ( just started) but it does seem disorganized but it's new...the pass rate does concern me though. From what I understand only 3 ppl have passed the nclex out of 15. Is that true ?
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    I cant speak on the class that just graduated bc not everyone took it. Im hearing only 3 has taken it from that class. Overall we need 80% pass rate from the first 3 graduating class. So we have class from feb and now may to factor in.
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    No it is not true that only 3 people passed. Unfortunately only four did not pass and one did not graduate with the for class which brought our graduating class to 14. I can honestly said that Bauder/kaplan prepared me for the neclex and my job. Many of the first graduating class have jobs at well respected hospitals and r doing great. So please don't rate them on what one person has experience. you will have to experience it for yourself to honestly know if they r for the right fit for u.
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    I agree shells. Judge on an individual basis. The program is going good for me, but may not be for someone else case in point. Havent heard anyone having problems getting jobs or getting unto a bsn program.

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