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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta campus...The guy answered the... Read More

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    Hi everyone that got there Feb 2013 acceptance letters. I just logged onto the Kaplan quad and they have the courses and time listed that I would need to be taking this term. Go on there to see if they have something listed for your schedule.

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    Hey guys any update on the NCLEX results??
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    Quote from spicern
    Hey guys any update on the NCLEX results??
    5 out of 5 so far
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    congrats to everyone for getting into Bauder College Nursing Program. Hopefully I will be starting at Bauder College soon...Good luck to everyone during your nursing school journey.
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    Thanks Missmommy! Good luck to you also!
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    Hey did you guys get your books yet?? I got mine today for micro and human ant, I'm so excited!
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    Nope checked the mail
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    Quote from LuckyRn2B
    hello ,
    Does anyone know if Bauder is working to get accrediated with NLNAC. I am excited for the program however, after look ing on job boards for RN positions most hospitals list: must be a graduate of an accrediated school of Nursing. That could b an issue to pay all the money for school and have a hard time finding a job! That scares me to death Answers anyone please

    @deah I did not have either class complete
    Did you follow thru Bauder? If so, how you doing? Since it is regionally accreditated I am choosing it over nationally since I can transfer credits but still confused to weather is best to attend a national vs a regionally accreditated.
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    Hi, my name is Ed and I am interested in the nursing program at Bauder. I already have a BS in IT but making a big career change after been layed off. Currently I am taking a CNA/Phlebotomy/Patient Care Technician combo program finishing in May. By then hopefully I will be enrolled at Bauder for the A.A in Nursing. My concerns with Bauder is the regional accreditation thru SACS. SACS just recently removed Bauder College from (warning status) and wondering why they were placed in that status in the first place. I would hate to take classes that could end up not transferring to other schools. Ive already went thru that experience and trust me, it feels like you wasted money, effort, and time and had to take the course again.

    My plan is to get my AA and join the Air National Guard. My understanding is that they in some cases take an AA and put you thru officer program with the condition of getting a BS before captain rank is reached.

    My question at this forum is: is Bauder nationally accreditated or just regionally? Whats best of both accreditations at the long run, anyone starting in may as well so that I can be in touch. My email is

    Oh and more importantly, why make you choose Bauder over the regular community colleges? My reason is because here in GA the waiting list is so long and competative that I will have to make straight As and meet the requirements before acceptance in the program by 2014.

    Thanks for reading.
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    R u online?

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