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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta campus...The guy answered the... Read More

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    am worried as well? can we even take this degree out of state to work?

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    Ok so i did a lil bit of fact checking in response to the previous article about accreditation. Bauders program has not had three graduating classes yet, therefore they can't recieve the NLNAC accreditation till then. If you go on the NLNAC site, there are a lot of colleges in the atlanta area that aren't on there as well. Chamberlain college is not listed because it is a fairly new program too. Atlanta tech doesn't seem to be on there either.??? Hmmmm. As far as the CCNE, that is only for programs offering a BSN. So if I were you, I would still apply and just pay attention to these next couple of graduating classes. I believe there is a class graduating in november. By the time that you graduate, I would hope that they would have their accreditation. I am on track for the february session if all goes well, so I understand the concern. Nobody has money to waiste!!!!!
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    hi angelgh this is LaVieta again my email address is I was the one needing help with the bauder test I go this sat. Can You Help
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    okay will forward themto you asap.
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    thanx i understant it might take a while... will still do it, now there's a huge waiting list on the RN program so miss lanier would give me a call when there's a seat.
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    Did any one know about the first graduate lpn nclx result. Angelgh,i don't think so there is waiting list in RN feb2013. So plz don't worry , just complete all the requirement to get into the program ASAP. Then no worries.
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    Good Morning,

    I would like to congradulate the three Bauder College RN Students from the first class who recently interviewed and got offered a New Graduate Nursing Position at Shepherd Spinal Center. It's a dream to be offered a position by the end of your interview, and these guys achieved that. They are setting the standard for the rest of us who are behind them. So for anyone who thinks that if you come to this program you wont be able to work as a RN, it's just simply not true. This program is new and the class that finishes this month will be the first to sit for the NCLEX. And with all of the resources and training that we have access to, they have been prepped to be NCLEX ready. For those of you who didn't realize or are worried about the accreditation of this program, here's a little info:

    Yes the school (building) that we attend is named Bauder College.

    The RN Program is the KAPLAN RN Program.

    So yes we are inside the Bauder Building, we pay tuition to Bauder College, and are taught by Bauder Instructors all of which have a Doctored or Masters Degree in a specialty nursing area. However we are KAPLAN RN Students as well There is a KAPLAN RN website that we do reviews in each area of nursing.
    Our entire program is Kaplan based. We have access to Kaplan focused review test and lectures through out the entire program. So if you know anything about Kaplan, You know that Med School, Pharmacy, Dental school students, etc have paid hundreds to do Kaplan reviews without having the amount of access we do as nursing students in this program. So look up Kaplan guarantee for any questions. I would consider myself to be a smart person, who spends my money on quality products. So yes, when I found out how much this program cost, my eyeballs rolled back in my head. Especially knowing its for an ADN degree. But when I found out what training I would be getting with Kaplan, I could understand where my money was going and the quality of what I was paying for. Believe me if it wasn't Kaplan RN I would not be doing the program, but they are major quality and I see what I'm paying for and it's worth it, In my opinion. This is coming from someone who had taken the TEAS test with a high score of 81 and still did not get into nursing schools in the area, for three years because they accept once a year and i wasnt making the cut. It also helps the cost that the program offers a extremely good military discount that cuts the cost of the program by 38%. So if you are in the military, prior service, or wife or husband of someone with service, take advantage of this.

    I can actually say that everything has not been a cake walk with the program being new ( last minute communication with students). But I will say that I am learning a lot from some really good instructors. And have gone to some of the best medical facilities for clinical training. I will also say that I am proud to be in this program, and wear my white uniform and badge. It feels good to go out and help the patients knowledgable and dressed for success. It's still all up to the individual student to utilize the resources we have, study and be prepared to learn, in order to pass the NCLEX. Hey, you can lead a heathen to church but you can't make him pray. So with all that I will say, NLNAC, Bauder College Nursing Students are on their way.

    I just noticed those last sentences rhyme, how corny is that. And I did't do it on purpose. lol

    Anyone with questions, just ask.
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    hey angelgh did you get a chance to send the tests. I took a the test on sat and scored a 21 you need a 26 for the rn. Just let me know when you do
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    Does any one know the Nclx result of lpn ?
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    i did check your spam if not will resend again.

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