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So i had a VERY NEGATIVE initial contact with this college. through just ONE conversation its apparent that this school is a for-profit. After calling the school i was transferred to them Atlanta... Read More

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    No problem! I won't be at tomorrow's orientation because I'm out of the country, so I'll be attending a make-up session before classes start. Hope tomorrow goes well and, as you said, that all the details and information finally come full circle!

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    Hello, I don't know what you could have really heard negative that's true, our first RN class has not even graduated yet. The gpa minimum seems to be at least a 3.0, unless you have something seriously in your favor to help out. You get in based on raw scores, plus gpa, plus interview, and finally your attendance/financial plan. It's an expensive school and they aren't monsters for wanting to make sure you have a plan to keep you successful. It is a hard school, even more so with ten week semesters. We have had 5 people drop this first semester alone and the class graduating lost half of their members. The biggest thing to remember is this program is new. They are SACS accredited and once they have NCLEX scores they will also being accredited through national nursing association. Every school must do this trial period. The only real negative thing I've heard is the money, but show me another school that does all your core classes and your nursing classes in 18 months.
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    I just started my first semester @ bauder with the 2nd term classes (just patho and comp. app.) For the 3rd term what are the days and times for your clesses just trying to get a peak into next term.
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    what are the day and hours for the patho class?
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    How long after the interview do you find out whether or not you are accepted? I have my last interview Monday and I have my financial aid meeting wednesday.
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    As soon you will return ur CPR,physical ,all transcript .
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    I went today and after the interview my admissions rep said december....that is a long time to wait for some type of answer or an idea of acceptance. i hope you are right i have most of my stuff already
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    ive been calling around to alott of hospitals and ALL of them told me that will ABSOLUTELY not be accepting nurses from a program that is not accredited by either NLNAC OR CCNE which bauder has neither. Does this concern anyone. Places like grady told me they have stopped taking ASN new grads
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    @ebrooks1013 i'm not sure which hospitals you've called around to but you may have gotten some misinformation. i'm currently in my 4th term here at Bauder. the students here have had clinicals at grady facilities, piedmont, kindred,dekalb med., etc. so we do have our fair share of clinical sites. as for the person asking about 3rd term classes. we had fundamentals, pharmacology (english 2 if you need it) pharm lab was 7a-9a thursday and fridays, pharm lecture was wednesdays 9-12, fundamentals lab was 11:15-1:15 on thursday and 1:30-3:30on wednesday or 3:45-5:45 wednesday and thursday, fundamentals lecture was thursday and friday at 9:30-11am. english 2, was also a night class 6-10pm. i'd like to add every program has its ups and downs especially when its a new program. the first rn class will be graduating 19 students which is a pretty good considering they only lost few people. my class has only lost 7 people (mostly due to those that were pregnant and having kids) but we have gained 2 more students ( if you do not pass you simply get pushed back to the class that started after yours) overall the program it self is not so bad...we do get the infamous "kaplan review" integrated into our curriculum so we don't have to go out and get a nclex review to help us for the nclex....if you can suck it up and take it for 18months then the pay off is worth it in my opinion.....
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    Well for example the Director over the nursing new grad prpgram at grady told me she will only be accepting people that have a BSN and that she is only looking at people who come from schools that are NLNAC OR CCNE. Doing clinicals at a hospital is one thing...them actually accepting you afterwards is another. Im going through the whole process of getting things together for bauder and i am just worried would this degree actually stand for something if it doesnt have nursing accreditation. also the nursing accreditation has to be attained before someone graduates not after for it to acct for their degree. I have doing alot of calling around and i am sure it is a good program but unfortunately sometimes it being good isnt good enough. not downing the program just getting as much info as possible
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