Attention lpn's of ga-in need of help - page 2

Im a LPN with 9mths of work exp, frm cleveland,OH and currently in Norcross GA. Whats the demand for lpn's in the state of GA and the pay rate. Maybe it's just me but it seems kinda slow for lpn's in GA. Any help is greatly... Read More

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    I have been trying to figure out if I wanted to do the LPN route first then get my RN or do RN first. I have a bachelors and I am working full-time(teaching). However, I still need to supplement our income while pursuing my dream.

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    Try kaiser i'm in ca but i c the posting for that area all the time
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    Try kaiser i'm in ca but i c the posting for that area all the time
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    I'm trying to get back into nursing after taking time off to be home with my kids. I am having a hard time finding anything and I live in Southwest Georgia. I went ahead and applied for my Florida license and now I'm licensed there but LPN jobs are scarce locally in Tallahassee too. I'm broadening my outlook but I am feeling a bit at a loss. I hope someone will give me a break somewhere so I can finance going back to school for my RN.

    I did notice that if you click some jobs advertised in the title as RN, in the description they are open to LPNs. Whatever it takes...
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    What are some of the different title you have come across for LPN's?
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    Did all of guys apply for ur ga license yet? Im having the longest wait..and it making me upset guess ill just keep waiting until they approve my license here in ga...
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    I'm a LPN in GA with 5 years experience and can't find a job!!!
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    Hi T-Bird! I am working in a nursing home in Atlanta,Ga and my facility is hiring. Their phone # is 7704510236

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