Applied for tons of jobs but no call backs (Georgia) Applied for tons of jobs but no call backs (Georgia) | allnurses

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Applied for tons of jobs but no call backs (Georgia)

  1. 0 Hello nurses and future nurses, I moved to Georgia in November 2011, I have been looking for a job ever since. I got a job offer 2 weeks after being here but it was a temp position and that assignment ended in April. I have been putting in application non-stop everyday for every healthcare facility I know. I even had an interview and the HR person was telling me how difficult it is for nurses to get a job here in Georgia because it is so saturated (the schools just spit the nursing students out here), also when I told her my expected salary was $27/hr she told be I needed to come down a bit. OK look I don't mind coming down $1-2 but that's it. What is going on I make sure I am professional, I have a lot of experience, stable work history that shows longevity, and a professional resume. I need a job ASAP. I come from a small town where it is easy for nurses to get a job. I'm not use to this big city living. I am on the verge of leaving and going back to Indiana where I know I can get a job and the pay I want! Any advise??
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    It may not be what you want but home health is always hiring, and LTC. (
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    Your complaint is not anything new...Georgia is notorious for facilities posting "tons" of jobs but hiring few. I don't know what area in Ga you are but Dekalb Medical and N E Georgia in Gainesville are on on a hiring spree right now. You may want to consider a staffing agency, such as Maxim or a travel agency if that is something you can do - until you land something permanent. There are several travel agencies that do local travel assignments. Grady in ATL is hiring too.

    USAJOBS - The Federal Government’s Official Jobs Site is another site besides facility sites, monster and careerbuilder to look - good luck
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    You can try for PRN, wellstar cobb, LTAC, SNF, or grady.
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    Thank ypu guys but I have applied for all of those places and I continue to check and see if they repost new positions everyday/ Also Emory has locked me out from applying because I have reached my maximum amount of applications LOL!
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    Lol.. Oh wow! That's what I did to get my current job in homehealth was apply every week. Try Amedysis and interim and don't give up, HUGS!
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    What type of nursing experience do you have? My husband and I plan to move back in a year and I am hoping to be able to find a job then. I am an OR nurse.
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    LOL, Thank you I have a couple of interviews this week so I'm keeping my fingers crossed!
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    @Piglet68 I was a float so I've worked in Oncology, OB/GYN, Endo and Diabetes, Orthopedics, Urology, Med/Surg, PCU, and ER.
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    How did your interviews go?
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    They went great, they seemed as if they were interested and really liked me. I have never had a problem getting a job until I got here back in Indiana I always got the job at one point I had 3 offers on the table so I really don't know at this point. I have a interview on Wednesday i went to a job fair and interviewed with a few people and the one practice manager liked me so much she scheduled me for a interview with the doctor so we shall see how that goes. Pray for me please!!!!!!!
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    Thats wonderful ! Yes I will send some prayers up for you, Good Luck!
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    Also thank you for referring me to I had never heard of that site and just applied to a ton of positions and companies I didn't know about! You Rock!