Anyone at Dekalb Medical Center?

  1. I'm really interested in working there and would love to hear from current employees.
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  3. by   Marshall1
    Haven't worked there but I haven't heard anything negative about it and they are always advertising/hiring and have open interview days. Usually those are listed in the ATL Journal on Sundays.
  4. by   mshessle
    I would really like to get a job there. It's about a block from where me and my fianc will be living. If you happen to see an ad in the paper for open interviews I would really appreciate you letting me know. It's hard to get your foot in the door when you're from another state even when you're not a new grad.
  5. by   GaMommy81
    If you have a background in the emergency room they have open interviews weekly. Check out their website.
  6. by   Alf2
    I like their non-smokers policy. They dont hire anyone who has used tobacco in I think the past 3 months.
  7. by   iToniai
    Hey! Don't work there, but I turned down a job there early this year because I had already accepted a position somewhere else. I was also out of state, I applied online for a med/surg floor, I believed it took me less than 2 weeks to hear back. I was interviewed the following week, but they were very slow with offering me the position it took almost 1 month from interview to job offer. As a RN with about 4 years experience, I was offered $27.00/hr (give a few cents), and around $4.00/hr for night differential. The interview process included a computer based calculation test (some of the questions were about what medications would you expect a patient to be on based on his/her diagnosis), interview with the HR personnel, and interview with your potential manager. I was interviewed by 2 different managers, at the same time. Then you have to take a nicotine screening test, you have to do this whether or not you get the job, I believe it's part of the interview process. Also, the managers will setup a time that you will come in to "shadow" for a few hours, it's also another interview but with the clinical coordinator(s) and some of the senior nurses (I had 2 clinical coordinator and 1 senior RN interview me). Overall, not a bad process since I believe this was a way to wean out people who weren't the right fit, but somewhere between the manager and HR, someone didn't call me on time.

    By the way, since I came out of state they allowed me to do the formal interview and nicotine screening during the same day and the shadowing later on that night.
  8. by   hurleygirli1
    Any more info about the pharm test? Is it pretty basic? I get all nervous when they say I have to take a test to be hired and there is no study guide or any info about this test! Anything to focus on or how many questions? Did you find it easy or hard? Any areas to focus on? I'm not looking for answers or a anything, just an idea of what to expect! Please and thank you!
  9. by   hurleygirli1
    Ok well FYI....took the test today. Nothing to stress over....most basic of basic nursing questions. Like the things so they drilled in your head over and over in nursing school. Just passing it on in case anyone else was wondering.

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