Anyone applying to NGCSU Fall 2012? Anyone applying to NGCSU Fall 2012? - pg.22 | allnurses

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Anyone applying to NGCSU Fall 2012? - page 28

Hi, I'm new to this site, and I just wanted to see who has all applied to North Georgia College and State University. Anyone with experiences, or others who have applied please reply with your... Read More

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    Yes, at NG you get your ASN first then go back for their BSN program. The ASN takes two years to complete and the BSN portion can be completed with one additional year and it can even be done mostly online if you want.
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    One nice thing about getting the ASN first through NGCSU is that the first year you are only in school 2 days a week. Second year you are in school 3 days a week. Compare this to a BSN program -- I believe straight BSN programs are 5 days a week. That type of school schedule just doesn't work for me. I do plan to obtain my BSN, but through the bridge program - mostly online.