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Hi, I'm new to this site, and I just wanted to see who has all applied to North Georgia College and State University. Anyone with experiences, or others who have applied please reply with your stats...It would be greatly... Read More

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    I would recommend that you get the care plan book for 2nd semester, as that's when we had to write 2 care plans. I actually got 2 different ones and they were both helpful. Care plans are *very* confusing and any help you can get will be helpful. The APA book is helpful in writing papers, as you have to do them in APA format. I wasn't familiar with the APA format at all and used the Perdue OWL website but bought the book used from Amazon for this year, as I'm sure we'll be writing papers.

    Our orientation last year was spent going over tons of information needed for first year, hearing the 2nd year officers speak, we heard from a group of nursing students who'd gone to South or Central America on a medical mission and we had the first lecture of class as well. Lunch was provided. 2nd year students were there to sell things, such as stethescopes and t-shirts. I know that our class officers have been working on fundraising items to sell at both orientations, so bring some money so you can buy somethings. The t-shirts that I got last year were really cute and I plan to buy at least one this year at our orientation.

    The iClicker can be purchased at the bookstore. We used them once during Spring semester and I guess the instructors thought they were a good addition to the lecture as it made it more interactive. We could answer questions that they had up on the screen and tally the answers. I got mine and hope it's helpful.

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    Hi everyone!

    Is it true that you need to get your ASN first before you get to their RN-BSN for their nursing program? I'm interested on applying, but from what I saw it says you need an ASN diploma first. This is really different than most nursing programs I've applied to. If anyone can explain to me, I'd really appreciate it. Thanks.
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    The other schools you are looking as probably have a straight BSN program.
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    Yes, at NG you get your ASN first then go back for their BSN program. The ASN takes two years to complete and the BSN portion can be completed with one additional year and it can even be done mostly online if you want.
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    One nice thing about getting the ASN first through NGCSU is that the first year you are only in school 2 days a week. Second year you are in school 3 days a week. Compare this to a BSN program -- I believe straight BSN programs are 5 days a week. That type of school schedule just doesn't work for me. I do plan to obtain my BSN, but through the bridge program - mostly online.

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