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Hi everyone, I know there is a lot of time to apply but I missed the deadline for Fall 2012 and I was just wondering if anyone else is applying. This is a really good website to share information etc. Thanks.... Read More

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    I submitted mine on December 28! I am very excited and confident !

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    I submitted mine on December ! I'm so anxious ! Good luck everybody !
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    I hope I can be confident as you!

    Since my stats are not strong enough, the waiting is already killing me >_<
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    My stats are not all that high either but my essay is really well written and I really emphasized how much I want to be accepted. So I'm just going off of faith
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    Did anyone else get the call?? I'm looking forward to meeting my 2013 classmates!
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    @ linsay999 what program did you get a call for? what did they say?
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    I applied to the absn/msn peds program. They said they were starting to make phone calls before letters go out next week!
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    @Lindsay999 that's great. The BSN program won't hear anything until March 1st. How many days earlier did you receive a call than the expected date for the acceptance phone calls?
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    Oh I'm sorry! Wasn't paying attention to were I posted! I heard 4 days before the expected day. Good luck all!!!

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