You're going to think I'm nuts

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    I. LOVE. Nursing school.

    There. I said it.

    No, the NCLEX style questions aren't awesome. But they make you think! And when you learn the rationale behind the answer you should have picked, you learn how to be a better critical thinker. I actually LIKE that!

    I've also decided I'm a B student in nursing school. I am okay with that. I have kids. I have responsibilities beyond school. I can only dedicate so much of my attention to nursing school. But I'm okay with it! I have Bs in my classes right now and that's just fine by me!

    My school has a super interactive curriculum and I feel like if you don't learn it, you must have just slept through it completely because what we learn in theory is reinforced in practice. The assignments might get overwhelming some days, but we learn from them. Maybe it seems crazy to write up a teaching plan on one drug, but you now know about that drug and how to think through a teaching plan. There is a difference between learning how to do a teaching plan, and actually doing one.

    Our clinicals will finally be taking us to the hospital the week after this coming week. So far we've just done skills and a senior center experience. Maybe my first semester excitement is giving me a premature boost in enthusiasm for the program, but we're halfway through the semester and I find myself excited that we still have 7 weeks left. I love learning. I love my instructors (even when we don't see eye to eye).

    Yup. I'm one of THOSE people.
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    I'm apparently one of "those" people too! I LOVE nursing school and am so happy being "just" a B student. I am not pressured, not stressed, and love learning now. We have had 6 clinical sessions already though, and that's, by far, my favorite part. I can't wait to meet my next patient!
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    I too am happy being a "B" student. It's interesting that after I made that conscious decision I starting making better grades and am actually watch my grades move closer to being "A" student ... no biggie either way. The elimination of the stress factor is very freeing.
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    I am so glad I'm not alone!!! Even if its just the two of us, I'm okay with it
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    I love nursing school! The critical thinking, the hands on stuff, working with the clients.
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    I loved my time in Nursing School, so I get what you are saying....but you know what is even better?, being a nurse afterwards....I love my job, and all the learning that comes with it....enjoy!
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    Just remember, no one (prospective hirers) cares what grade you made in nursing school. They'll only care that you passed your state boards. I've been a nurse for 25 years so our styles of learning will be vastly different. You CAN study too much and get yourself all confused. I was 24 when I started nursing school. There were women in my class that were as old as I am now, they started their own study group. They'd leave school and study deep into the night. All of them were close to failing when they asked the most approachable instructor what they were doing wrong. They all wanted to be perfect. You don't have to be perfect to graduate from nursing school the instructor told them. Listen in class, take notes, do your homework and the day before the test go over your notes and quiz each other they were instructed. I'd like to say that they all passed however only 4/5 did. Keep a healthy balance of school, family, exercise. You'll do just fine!
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    I agree with the person above however your grades will matter if you want to continue your education further into graduates school. I too am a B nursing student and I'm accepting that, but i will always strive for the best regardless of anything because we are all capable of doing so. Just find some time for yourself because it can get extremely overwhelming as you and all nursing students know lol good luck!!
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    Quote from ixchel
    I've also decided I'm a B student in nursing school. I am okay with that. I have kids. I have responsibilities beyond school. I can only dedicate so much of my attention to nursing school.
    I got Bs in nursing school and yet was expected by some of my classmates to get As because I don't have kids, I don't have a family support, I don't work. Well, some of us don't have photographic memories. Some of us work our butts off and have NO SOCIAL LIFE and still get Bs. And I'm proud of those Bs. Nursing school is NOT easy.

    (I just had to vent about some classmates).
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    I'm on the same boat! I really love nursing school! I love it so much I bought a hoodie with my school's logo on it that says NURSING in the middle, and I wear it everywhere!
    The more I learn and the more I'm convinced I was born to do this! I'm glad a lot of people feel the same way!
    High five!
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