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Hey guys and girls. Got a question about working while in school. I just finished my general education requirements and will begin the ASN program this Fall. I am an EMT Basic. I worked 48 hours... Read More

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    I hope to change this schedule in October, but like I said I've been working this schedule for the last 4 semesters. I remember taking my A&P 1 final after a 24 hour shift with no sleep. Somehow I pulled of an 88% on that test. What kind of challenges might I face going to clinicals while fatigued?

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    1. You will be administering medication 2. You will be calculating dosaging 3. You may have Careplans, if that's the case you'll pick your patients and go home and spend the majority of your day writing a report that prepares you to care for them the following day. Take a moment and think about what you want to do. If you were taking care of my family member and I found out you'd been up for 30 hours I would report you to the state board of nursing.
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    I dont understand why you need to ask us if going to clinicals after a 24 hr shift is a bad idea. You are dealing with people's lives. Period. You shouldn't have to ask us what could go wrong after being up for 30 hrs straight. It's just common sense.

    I would definitely report it too. Sorry to be harsh but possible deadly mistakes can happen, even when one is well rested.
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    Going in after a 24 hr shift to A & P is one thing... Going to clinical after a 24 hr shift is totally different.
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    Check your state there are laws that govern how many hours in a row can be worked when involved with the care of patients..
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    You should be concerned about all the rules you're given in NS. Programs are notorious for being sticklers for the rules, and breaking them is only asking for trouble.

    ESPECIALLY rules involving clinicals. If you leave the program, it will continue on just fine without you. Without clinical locations?? An NS ceases to exist. If there's any possibility the hospital had been made aware (or has to be made aware because of some sort of agreement), I wouldn't be surprised if you were kicked out of that site, if not the program . If only your school know, MAYBE you'd get by with jus being sent home for the day, but that's pretty heavy, too.
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    Thanks for the feedback. I understand the concerns and I appreciate everything that was shared. However I disagree with the statement about reporting someone in this situation to the state board of nursing.

    @Matt's Girl and k_girl153: Are you familiar with anyone in the EMS community? We routinely work 48 hour shift while calculating dosages, running emergency vehilces, triaging, assessing, and talking on the radio to boot. Although infrequent, I have worked 72 hours at a time. I am aware that the probability for error increases with less than 6 hours of sleep, but this occupation has worked this schedule and will continue to do so indefinitely.

    Another point to consider would be Med School students. Residents may be expected to work 100+ hours a week, yet we trust these people's judgement. I am not attempting to disregard your concern; however, this kind of schedule is not uncommon in the real world.
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    Another point to consider would be Med School students. While working as "interns" these students regularly work 24+ plus hours at a time. I am not trying to disregard any persons concern; however this kind of schedule is not uncommon in the real world.[/QUOTE]

    Yes, but an internship is the 1st year AFTER you've completed medical school.
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    Yes I am familiar with with your occupation. I have a lot of friends who are EMTs or paramedics. One of the guys in my clinical group is an EMT and he barely passed the semester. He failed one clinical last semester.

    As for what you said about residents...if you've read the news lately, organizations are setting limits on the amount of hours for residents. So, no, it doesn't look like everyone trusts their judgment to take care of patients after a 24 hour shift.

    If you do plan on working the night before your clinical, you should be adult enough to notify the school of what you're doing. You are practicing under someone's license. I would imagine they wouldn't want to risk it as I expect you wouldn't either (if it was your license).

    good luck.
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    Jhopper, after reading your response it appears you have already made your decision. Nothing a stranger says will change your mind. Whether you agree with myself or anyone reporting you is irrelevant. The state board will not ask for your opinion nor will the school or clinical site. Every program is different. My school absolutely would not allow what you are proposing. You will find out very soon what your parameters are. Best of luck to you. :-)

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