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  1. by   jcgrund
    Such a great thing that you didn't let life's road blocks stop you from working toward something great! All too often, people give up.
  2. by   itzmee25
    I just found out this week that I was accepted into the accelerated BSN program!! I was so excited that I screamed and jumped up and down, then I texted everyone that was also waiting to hear the results. Like others on here I felt that I now have a path and purpose as well as motivation to do my best in school to become an RN.
  3. by   gReeNTwin1
    I got tears in my eyes reading how excited you all were/are! lol!! I just applied to my school's program too. I hope I have some exciting news in a couple of months! CONGRATS TO YOU ALL!!!
  4. by   JennJF
    When I found out, my mail had gone home to my parents house. They called to tell me they were going to get the Christmas tree without me this year ( ) because there were no other weekends left in December to do it. Then, casually, they said and we got a letter ...

    Now here's some background --- I gave them EXPLICIT instructions to either 1) not open any mail from a school and send it right to me or 2) call me and open it with me on the phone. Annoying and picky maybe, but I wanted to find out either before or at the same time as the rest of the world!

    Nonetheless, they forgot. So they told me (quite sheepishly) they got a letter and that they weren't sure what they were supposed to do. And I reminded them and there was a long pause. Then, finally, my mom said, "Well, I did open it .... and you got in!" I wanted to kill her! But I quickly forgave her.

    I was with my boyfriend and we went out and ate a huge breakfast to celebrate the fact that I had a future!!
  5. by   Cathylady
    This is THE BEST thread on Allnurses!!! I love reading all the responses to getting your acceptance letters.
    My daughter cried when she got her BSN acceptance letter her senior year in high school (this particular university accepted freshman into the BSN school of nursing) because it wasn't the university that she wanted to go to, it wasn't her first choice!!
    She's in her junior year and she is SO glad she accepted. She loves the university, loves the school of nursing, and met the love of her life.
    God had a plan for her!
    All things work together for Good to them that Love the Lord!

    Proud mom of a nursing student.
  6. by   BrittRN2B14
    [color=#00ff00]i just got accepted into the fall adn program and i am so excited and relieved and scared! it's such a mix of emotions. does anyone have any advice on books or guides that i could read to prepare for my first semester. i have heard that it is the hardest and have watched my sister-in-law and some good friends go through it. any advice would be really helpful thank you!
  7. by   BrittRN2B14
    <font color="#00ff00" face="georgia"><b>I just got accepted into the fall ADN program and I am so excited and relieved and scared! It's such a mix of emotions. Does anyone have any advice on books or guides that I could read to prepare for my first semester. I have heard that it is the hardest and have watched my sister-in-law and some good friends go through it. Any advice would be really helpful thank you!</b></font>
  8. by   student00181022
    well done
  9. by   LittleMissRedRaider
    March 25th at 5:29pm, I was accepted into nursing school. After getting my drivers license, it was the next 'hallmark' best day of my life! I immediately sank to my knees in tears. After thanking the good Lord for answered prayers, I called my mom. She thought something terrible had happened because all I could get out was, "I am so happy." On to my next achievement... getting through nursing school and passing my NCLEX-RN!

    Good luck, y'all!
  10. by   raqi89
    I found out I got in today ! I was shocked and for a second I thought I was reading the wrong email ! All I could see was the word CONGRATULATIONS . But now I am between two school, which are complete opposite of each other. Junior College ADN program and Chamberlain College of Nursing BSN program. Junior college is closer to me, cheaper, has a daycare for my son, and clinical sites are about 5-10 mins away. BUT its a two year ADN program. On the other hand I have Chamberlain which is a BSN in 2 years and four month. ALOT more expensive, were talking about student loans, it is about a good hour and a half away, clinical sites can be even farther away. BUT it is a BSN in about the same time as the ADN......decisions , decisions...
  11. by   ButterflyEffect06
    I found out that I got accepted into an accelerated BSN program some time in March 2011...I think I can remember stopping whatever I was doing (probably pre-req homework) and literally rolling on the floor kicking and happy screaming. I swear I got back up and continued my normal routine afterwards lol. But, I just knew I was closer to my dream and it was a sickening yet sensational feeling. I wonder how I'm going to act when I pass HESI and NCLEX. (>___<)
  12. by   enneye mak
    I found out my acceptance around march and i was ecstatic! I had to ask my little brother to read the acceptance email and tell me if it was real HA HA!
  13. by   johndi08
    I found out that I passed the hesi a2 and was excepted into the school two weeks ago. I was so excited that I was dancing aound the reception area of the school. After I left, I called all my family and told them. Then I went out to eat with my husband. I still am very excited!