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ButterflyEffect06 has 3 years experience and specializes in Med/Surg & Tele.

CNA Training (2009) Dual Bachelor's Degree in General Science and Sociology; Minor in Psychology (2010) Bachelor's in Nursing (2014) Health Services Management Certificate (2014)

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  1. NP jobs that work 3days

    That's not necessarily true. I work in a small hospital in Tidewater area of Virginia and I've seen FNPs work in inpatient. It might not be everywhere, but I've seen it.
  2. help with color

    The galaxy blue looks vibrant. I'd pick that over Navy.
  3. What a coincidence. . .every single student nurse who shadows me. . .

    I'm doing the accelerated BSN track and have dreamed of becoming a CRNA for a while now. Not because of the money either, although the salary is a bonus, but because it seriously looks like something I'd enjoy doing until I'm crippled and can't do it...
  4. Sometimes You Just Don't See It Coming

    I'm still a nursing student, but this is definitely a reason why I could never do PEDs because I know for a fact that I would get emotionally attached when children are involved. It's just their innocence that gets to me for a number of reasons. I st...
  5. Has Nursing hardened you?

    Im currently in nursing school. I came in shy, quiet and super nervous. After the first clinical rotation, all of that died because HONESTLY I couldn't afford to be that way dealing with people's lives and with other hardcore nurses. I have always ha...
  6. I haven't experienced this in my clinical rotations because we get assigned our patients prior to arrival, which causes us to naturally fall under whichever nurse has that patient for the day--whether they want us or not. However, the attitudes of so...
  7. LMBO!
  8. Woo Hoo! Accepted into nursing program!

    I found out that I got accepted into an accelerated BSN program some time in March 2011...I think I can remember stopping whatever I was doing (probably pre-req homework) and literally rolling on the floor kicking and happy screaming. I swear I got b...
  9. Info regarding Hampton University's Nursing Program?

    I attend NSU for the accelerated nursing program, but I thought Hampton University's nursing was no longer accredited??? At least, that is the word over here at NSU. If anyone knows differently, let me know. I've heard stories recently about applican...
  10. Not getting accepted into nursing school? Try...

    I was 1 year away from getting my dual degree and I had only applied to ONE accelerated program. Needless to say, I didn't get in and I truly believe that it was because of my lack of experience and young age in comparison to the other applicants bec...