Who looks up NP and/or CRNA programs for fun?...

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    Iiiii do. Do you?
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    Yup. Well for real now; for fun a few years ago=P
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    Lately I have been. Trying to decide what I eventually want to get into!!
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    Sapphire18, what specialties are you looking at?

    I've been searching to figure out what I want to go into, too! I'm pretty sure I want to become a CRNA, and I've even narrowed down specific CRNA programs that I'll apply to (eventually). But for some reason I'm still looking up programs haha...
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    I'm looking at acute care NP. I want to work in critical care- my love
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    I thoroughly enjoy researching schools. Especially jobs for CRNAs jut so that I get a feel of things I could do to prepare myself.
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    I do! Well, not really for fun, but for actual preparation. For my extras, I sign up for courses required for the program. I plan on going the CNM route as soon as possible. I also look up jobs for CNM's. Not many in my area, but it's where my heart is.
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    Quote from sapphire18
    I'm looking at acute care NP. I want to work in critical care- my love
    Isn't the ACNP certification being retired?
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    LOVE IT! But it scares me a little bit too... I have a little over a year left in my BSN program, and I really want to be a CRNA but I LOVE Labor and Delivery bedside nursing but I have to go into ICU if my dream of becoming a CRNA is possible. I go to a teaching hospital and work there, and they always have cardiac positions open, so I am not worried about finding an ICU job.

    The part that kills me is the number of applicants accepted each year... 15-25accepted/year/school is scary. I don't want to and partially can't apply to more than 5 because that's a lot of information to keep track of and send, and my recommenders probably would not want to write about how lovely I am 5 times...

    The 2 schools that interested me where Rosalind Franklin in Chicago and KU. Rosalind hasn't been around for very long and only offers a Masters, which I am not sure if I want that or a DNP for the unknown long run, but seems to me to be easier to get in with good stats. KU on the other hand is a University, that offers the DNP, but 36 months, ughh and I have read a few places of their not so great reputation?? I'd like to stay in the Midwest, but who knows.

    What are your eye-candy programs?
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    Quote from de2013

    Isn't the ACNP certification being retired?
    Not as far as I know..several hospitals I know of are now requiring their FNPs to get AC in order to work in the ICUs. What would be the replacement for it?