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I'm in a 2 year adn program, and I can't believe on top of all the work I have to listen to fellow students spend valuable lecture time complaining to the professor about.... - the lecture not being animated enough - the... Read More

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    There were maybe 3 students whining? We have a wonderful class, with great enthusiastic students who will be excellent nurses some day soon! I am sorry if you are taking this personally/the wrong way. There is a place and a time for things, and what students where complaining about was the same thing, that was not going to be solved in that forum. I never have and never will trash my entire class, my school or faculty, yes things can be disorganized and sometimes scheduling is frustrating, but to linger on these issues is a waste of time. What is it you want done, need? I never got that from any student. I also heard one of the constant complainers got a high mark on her last exam, so what is wrong with that? That is super

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    I wish I could like this a thousand times!!!
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    Quote from wordsofmymouth
    This is why I don't socialize much with other students. I often find them whiny and infantile, and I can't take their excuses. While I may feel the same way at times, I don't like to dwell, or discuss at length the wrongs being done to us poor sleep-deprived, time-crunched college students. I say if you can't handle it, then why are you here?
    So much truth to this. In my school, the people in Anatomy & Physiology I are often fresh out of high school and very unaware that college is serious business. They get a dose of hot reality in A&P I, because there is nothing easy about it. Many decide to drop the class and change majors. But there are still those who stay and complain.

    It makes me very irritated to hear students putting down professors when in fact it's their own faults that they aren't doing well. I make an A or a B grade on every test because I study my bum off for every single thing. It's not because I'm magically smart or I just click well with the professor. He does his job and teaches, I do my job and study. He's very fair and doesn't make the subject any harder than it has to be, and still I get people looking at me in disgusted awe when I say I'd love to sign up for this professor for my future classes and actually enjoy the subject matter. If you can't take the heat, people, go home! Nursing isn't for the weak, and you probably aren't going to last very long if you really dislike the subject that much!

    And before somebody else points out the irony, yes, we are whining about other people whining . Everybody needs to vent sometime!
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    Their locus of responsibility is external. In all seriousness, they have the right to make suggestions and voice their opinions. Perhaps there are some things they are right about. I try to focus more on the lecture and my studies and save my "complaints" for the anonymous instructor and course evaluations and polls my college has us fill out at the end of each semester. Public complaints during lecture waste lecture time and gossipy complaints to other students serve no purpose at all. I think it's important to voice our opinions, but at the appropriate time and place. Good luck with school!
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    Unfortunately many of the ones who aren't weeded out, end up right next to you in the working world. I understand in your situation that you are forced to listen to it because they are asking the profs these immature time consuming questions during YOUR valuable learning time (not to mention time you PAID for) Otherwise, whining at other times, I simply do not engage. This doesn't make me very popular, but I'm certainly not a nurse in it for the popularity. You sound like you're doing great and just needed to vent. You're absolutely right. Its so annoying.
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    As a fourth term student I can tell you that they are not all weeded out! However, I am a firm believer that you get out of it what you put into it. Hang in there, keep your head down, and study, study, study!!! Good luck!
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    It's like this at my school.. I'm a second quarter nursing student and a lot of students whine about:

    The test is too long
    Can't you tell us what will be on the test
    Why did you let us out 20 minutes early
    I failed my test because YOU (the teacher) didn't teach the material to us.

    It is sickening...and yes it gets to me at times...but just study and not worry about everyone else.....

    trust me I know...it will save you from exploding on your fellow classmates (no I haven't done it but really want to at times).

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    Quote from cally527
    I guess the point you are missing from this is that the "whiners" have gone to the tutor. They have scheduled time to speak with the professors and they have met with the Dean regarding their concerns. The "whiners" have done everything within their power to get their questions and concerns addressed without impacting lecture time. In fact, so many students have done so, that the Dean felt it was necessary to come to both section 1 and section 2 and interrupt class to discuss the many concerns she has been contacted about.
    The program is grossly disorganized. You have experienced that yourself. I recall that you have posted to the class Facebook page asking questions about scheduling, complaining about last minute schedule changes and not being told when or where we need to be somewhere etc.
    We are all working towards the same goal, which is learning the material, graduating and passing the NCLEX. I can understand your frustration with this situation, but posting on here about the situation is not cool. You painted the entire class as unrealistic, whiny children when in fact there are just a few student that would be considered children or unrealistic. You are no angel yourself. You have vilified an entire class on here yet you legitimately threw a temper tantrum and stalked out of class before it was dismissed, you have whined in our class Facebook page several times about the inconvenience of not being able to schedule your life because the program is so disorganized. You claim you are professional at all times yet you did all of these things and you are on all nurses complaining about the whiners in your class. If you got to know your classmates and actually socialized just enough to be polite you would know that the girl you yelled at before storming out the other day has one of the highest grades in our class. The "whiners" are the students that are doing the best!
    We are not all young. We are not all failing. We are not all expecting straight A's with minimal effort on our parts. We are not all whiners. We are not ALL anything more than stressed nursing students.
    I take it you are one of the whiners, or your friends are. Lol
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    Quote from pookyp

    I take it you are one of the whiners, or your friends are. Lol
    Yes! I found that added drama interesting lol.
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    I am so sorry that you were unable to come to a public forum, privately without naming names, and post your concerns or complaints. I don't know you, and I don't know the person who attacked you, but I want share something with you...

    I have one of the most incredible instructors in the world. I learned more from her since I have been in nursing school than I have ever learned from one single person. She emulates everything I ever want to be and I will tell you something she told me... "Kill them with kindness"

    I did not really pay much attention to that when I first heard it, but as I watched her deal with, let's call them "difficult" people, I saw her handle things with calmness and grace no matter what the situation was.

    As I started my next clinical rotation I had one of "those" instructors. Always right, ALWAYS the boss, and always trying to make you feel stupid. Each time the situtation would come up, I would hear Mrs. B's voice and I would just smile and agree. I promise you that I still wanted to take her head and smash it mightily into a brick wall, I didn't feel better, B-U-T!!! Pretty soon she stopped talking to me that way. I know it will not always work but you will garner respect and you will always be able to deal with any type of personality that comes before you.

    Good luck at your school and I hope that the other's there are not as vicious as what we got a glimps of here! Hang in there sweets!!!

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